Is there any legal recourse against a union that is causing loss of work for its own members?

The local Musicians union is threatening to put a part-time, local orchestra on its "unfair list" for various grievances that are being filed by a minority of employees. Those grievances include late payments for services rendered, violin parts not having correct bowing markings, and opposition to the conductor who often yells at musicians. Most orchestra members have no lasting problem with the orchestra because: it is up-to-date on payments, most are willing to overlook petty inconveniences such as music markings, and the conductor is one of the finest musicians alive today who gets what he wants by admonishing players just as most of the greatest conductors of the world do.

If the orchestra is deemed "unfair," no union member can play in that orchestra, thus causing the loss of gainful employment. In my case, I auditioned for this job and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my instrument and have turned down other work because of my future commitment to the orchestra. The union president has publicly stated that he does not care what union-musicians want; he must act in the union's interest and "put this orchestra out of business." Putting this orchestra on the "unfair" list also jeopardizes every union musician's ability to be hired by other orchestras with union CBAs because the union president said he is "keeping of list of those who are in collusion with the [targeted] symphony's management." He would then share that list with local contractors instructing them to avoid those on the list. With no action taken by the union at this time, there is clearly no reason the musicians of the orchestra can't fraternize with the orchestra management. Many musicians will lose their sole performance/income source (albeit part time) if the union acts. Can the union's declaration of "unfair" be challenged in court?

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