I was demoted from current position as a Manager to Sales with no reason other than clear descrimination. How can I fight this?

I was demoted from a Manager to go back Sales. Obvious descrimination on the newly appointed director with who I had a disagreement a year ago. I was also cheated out of my pay. As a female Manager, I was paid far less than what my male counterpart was paid. What action can I take?

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Paul Penichet
The Equal Pay Act and Florida statute 448.07 protect employees from being paid less than the opposite sex for the same job. Exceptions to this law are if (1) the difference in pay is based on a seniority system, (2) a merit system or (3) other factors not based on sex and exercised in good faith. So being paid less as a female manager may warrant a closer look into the facts.

Since you do not state what category the "obvious discrimination" is based upon, I cannot respond to that part of your question. The categories include sex, age, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, genetic make-up, marital status (only in Florida), and sexual orientation (only in certain counties in Florida).

posted by Paul Penichet  |  Feb 15, 2018 2:46 PM [EST]

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