How can I get the Federal court to help me.

Can the Federal Court scrutinize the EEOC's actions? I feel cheated. I had a retaliation case with a reasonable cause finding. We had conciliation. Investigator told me I didn't need attorney because she had case. Small settlement offered. I refused. Later, really needed money. Later, signed agreement on verbal condition of getting funds right away. Time was of essence. Investigator told me 7-10 days. After 30 days no money. Agreement did not mention anything about time frame. Did not mention I could get attorney or time to reconsider or change mind. Had I known it would take more than ten days, I would not have not accepted. I asked that agreement be voided because it was not certain. I also told EEOC that money was no longer sufficient to satisfy me cause it took so long.I asked for Right to Sue Letter. EEOC refused. How can I get a court to decide if EEOC should void the agreement based on the above infomation and which court.

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