Has my employer committed an illegal action by telling many of my fellow employees, that I was being let go on Wednesday, even though I was not at work that day? As well as defamation of character by telling them I was dismissed for no call no show, in ac

I arrived to work on time Monday morning, after clocking in a fellow employee told me, I had been let go Wednesday for no call no show. I was unable to work that Wednesday but had contacted my immediate supervisor in the allotted time to do so. Before I could get to my work area my line leader hollered for me to follow him to my immediate supervisor's office, on the way to the office a group of people were chanting a song by Steam called nah nah hey hey kiss him good bye. The plant manager said he had to let me go because of the reason I was not at work. I have never been verbally warned nor written warning. My past review was 2 months prior was above average to excellent. My privacy, and character were both attacked by my superiors. I had followed the written rules given in the handbook issued by the company. I feel discriminated against, and most definitely wrongfully fired. I was working in North Carolina as of today. Any information on how to proceed from here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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