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I have been harassed by my supervisors. I do my work. However since she threatened to have me fired 2.5 years ago, the Director has engaged in building up a series of warnings and unwarrented complaints to create a reason to have me dismissed. I just received a 5 day suspension without pay with a written warning filled with a years worth of trumped up accusations.

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David M. Lira

Believe it or not, generally speaking, harassment and hostility at work is not illegal. Because of the employment at will doctrine, in New York State at least, an employer or supervisor is allowed to treat employees like trash.

There are exceptions to this general rule, but they are only exceptions. Some of the key excepts relate to race, national orgin, religion, gender, age and handicap. That is, for example, it is improper for an employer to harass you because of your race, or because of your gender.

However, unless you can show you fall under one of the exceptions -- and all the exceptions are created by federal, state or local statutes -- there is nothing illegal about being harassed at work.

If there is a union involved, or the position is a civil service position, you might have certain additional rights that employees in the private sector do not have.

posted by David M. Lira  |  Apr 22, 2005 3:43 PM [EST]

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