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I need some advice/help with a bully for a boss. She rules by intimidation and fear, constantly subjects her employees to condescension, sarcasm, belittlement and smugness. Her direction to her employees is inconsistent, confusing and incomplete. We have all been chastised for her misdirection several times in front of others, including other agencies. She has personally screamed and cussed at me behind closed doors where the whole office could hear. 6 employees filed a complaint with HR citing an unhealthy work environment that has caused 4 employees to file workers comp. HR has stated that our complaints do not constitute a "Hostile Work Environment" and are not recommending any type of solution. I understand that there are not many laws yet to protect employees from this type of harrassment. Should we seek a personal injury attorney for the emotional distress that she has caused? I have been diagnosed with Panic/anxiety attacks and PTSD. Should we file with EEOC/Fair Employment? Thank you for your help.

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George Allen
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Unfortunately, abusive bullying as a general practice is not a violation of the law; it only becomes illegal when individuals are selected for bullying based on a protected status. You may file a workers comp. complaint, but that is probably the only thing you can do. To be certain, you should review the situation in detail with an experienced employment attorney in your area.

posted by George Allen  |  Oct 27, 2008 11:44 AM [EST]

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