Loss of job due to inability to work with a hostile employee

I was recently released from my position in customer service. I had not quite been with the company for a year. My direct supervisor had made for a "hostile" work environment. The owner was very aware that she mistreated fellow co-workers, but, as he states, "because she has been with the company for an extended period of time, knows her job & does it well, it would be easier to replace your position than hers." He also stated to me upon my dismissal (effective immediately, he had put my position in the classifieds 4 days prior)that I was the 5th person in the last 5 years to either quit/ be let go because of the hostility of my supervisor. I was also told the release was not based on job performance, simply that I couldn't get along with/communicate well with her. Because of the strenuous work environment, I have had loss of sleep, irritability, depression & anxiety. Although I had previously had these conditions, they were under control of medication & I had to seek further treatments because of the stress there. Am I entitled to compensation?

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Remedies for a hostile environment

First, make sure that you apply for unemployment compensation. From the sounds of it you should be eligible.

Compensation for the hostility of the environment will depend mainly on whether the hostility is dished out in a discriminatory manner. That is, if your supervisor was hostile to you because of your gender, age, race or other protected status, it would be unlawful. If your supervisor is generally hostile to anyone and everyone, however, then it is not, believe it or not, unlawful, unless her hostility is so extreme as to become "outrageous."

posted by Neil Klingshirn  |  Feb 22, 2003 1:34 PM [EST]

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