Fraud, Retaliation, Wrongful discharge, Hippa..what or all?

Couple months ago a broad text was sent to all the nurses stating..."mandated by the OIG, compliance in-service hours that was originally due on 08/15 are due now, by the end 2/15 and must be completed then", it went on to say.. "in-service hours are paid hours, so make sure to fill out your time sheets so you can be compensated". This prompted me to I inquired to my administrator as to why I wasn't paid for ANY in-service hours going back from the start of employment (07/2011), she stated that she didn't know why I wasn't paid for those hours and because she was the now the new administrator she could not go back and pay me for those hours, but she can be sure to pay me from here going forward. I stated to her that I don't feel that is fair and is there someone else I can speak with...she referred me to management, spoke with management who then stated it's not their responsibility to get me paid for back hours worked, and referred me right back to administration again to no avail. A month later today, I was terminated from my job via phone call after serving almost four years, they called me at the patients home, told me via phone call that they couldn't have anyone working for them with a felony, called the family and told them I was leaving immediately and would not be returning.
Upon going into the office on 2/23/2015, I was told by the same administrator because they couldn't "find my personnel file", and because the STATE was coming in any time now for compliance review, that they had a new background check ran and told me that they couldn't have anyone working for them with a felony. End of story, ask me to sign severance forms, (did not), asked me for two forms of identification, SSN, nursing license, TB skin test..stated "they had to build a file" since there was none, (I turned nothing over). Is there any type of recourse for this behavior?

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