Feel Discriminated and now I am completely jobless do I have any rights?

I need some advise to be able to know if I have a case or not. I was hired by a company as a freelancer/full-time worker and working out of my home. I submitted an agreement and mailed it back to the person that told me that I had the job. I was told that the job was mine if I wanted it. I told the hiring person that yes, I wanted the job and she proceeded to ask me if I wanted to work 30 to 40 hrs a week. I said the more hours the better for me but that we could talk about that further on a personal meeting. She also told me that she needed immediate help like on the weekend and I agreed to help her. She sent me the work, I started to do the designs, first she told me I could use anything in my means to develop the work as far as software but that there was a particular program she wanted me to use, which I had and which I used to produce the work. I never got any training or met with her for her to tell me how she wanted me exactly to do the work. I did all I could to help her that weekend until she told me to stop doing the work until we met. A few days have turned into two entire weeks and she hasn't called me or even emailed me. I have tried texting her and all she did was send me a text back like if she was talking to her new worker. I was never told that the job wasn't mine or told that she was hiring someone else, she has just led me to believe that the job was mine and that she wants to meet before I continue anything. What are my rights or what can I do next?

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Elisa Ungerman
If you were hired and actually performed work for this company or whatever, and were not paid, I would file a claim with the California Labor Board to get paid. It is unclear if you were hired, if so at what amount and so forth, so it is unclear what your status was. It sounds like you may have been taken advantage of, which is a lessen, don't provide your work for anyone until you have confirmation of employment such as a hiring letter or contract.

posted by Elisa Ungerman  |  Apr 22, 2011 7:18 PM [EST]

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