I work in a hospital as an x-ray tech.During my employment at this hospital, I had some communication problems so I decided to start looking for another Job.While I was on this job, I was interview, supposedly backgrond checked(including employment refrences),drug screened etc. the new hospital called me and made me a job offer which I accepted. During this same week, My current employer decided to terminate me(I was happy because now I already have a new job).I decided to terminate my current lease and move closer to the new job.I have signed a new lease(with all the expenses).The new job starting date is August29th and on August24(basically 2days from the starting date if you exclude the weekend),the human resources callled me and told me that they did a refrence check and discovered that I was terminated from my previous employment and therefore withdraw the employment offer. Do you see anything wrong here? Do I have any legal claims against both previous and current employers. As I'm writing this I'm completely torn to pieces. I'm foregner and I feel like their is some sort of discrimination/defemation going on. What should I do?. this is my first job from college and I can't even use it as a work experience?

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Margaret A. Harris
Proving Discrimination

Make an appointment with an employment lawyer in your part of the state. Go to www.workplacefairness.org to read up about your rights.

Prepare for the meeting with the lawyer by doing some homework: write down what facts cause you to believe that discrimination is what led to the withdrawal of the job offer. Who do you think is the person who discriminated against you? How would you prove that that person made the decision about you based on racism -- or because of your national origin? Most people these days are too sophisticated to admit to holding prejudices, so you will have to dig deep and think hard to pull together the evidence.

Since Texas allows employers to fire people (and refuse to hire people) for all sorts of silly, illogical, unfair, and even immoral reasons, you cannot just argue that the decision was wrong. You have to prove that your race and/or national origin played a role in the decision. For example, were nasty remarks made about you or to you that pertain to your race or national origin? Have other people of your same race (or of the same national origin) been discriminated against?

posted by Margaret A. Harris  |  Aug 24, 2005 7:54 PM [EST]

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