Does discrimination go both ways?

Recently at my job, A number of Hispanic workers have been hired. We have been advised by supervisors not to refer to them as Mexicans, Guatamalans, etc., because we can be fired for discrimination. We were told that they CAN refer to us as Americans. I do not see the difference. Doesn't discrimination go both ways? We were also told it would be in our best interest to learn to speak Spanish.

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Henry F. (Hank) Sherrod III
discrimination both ways

I think the concern here of your employer may be that your use of different terms may be construed as derogatory or intended to express a less-than-friendly attitude. Discrimination does go both ways. Employers generally can't base employment decisions on race, national origin, etc. But it sounds more like your employer is concerned about non-Hispanic employees discriminating against Hispanic than the other way around, which I believe is probably wise. If you are American you are not likely to be referred to as American in any derogatory way. I am not sure the reverse is true. Good luck.


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