Confused on how my notice turned into what seems to be some kind of retaliation

After bullying during senior staff meetings (I am the only female), constant snickers about me and my job across the table, verbal remarks about my shirt and buttons popping off due to my breasts and favoritism towards same gender employees with unacrued vacation time, then received greif when I used my earned vacation time, I finally decided my health and stress issues needed to be addressed and eliminated and my health was more important so My solution was to give up the battle and submit a two week notice. During my notice I mentioned a series of issues I had experienced including knowing equals were being fired before they were actually fired and that I would be fired if I said anything, remarks about comments said to me in regards to pregnant employees, bullying during meetings, and playing favorites with same gender employees (without mentioning names, however my gm knew who I was speaking of and mentioned the name on his own) just to name a few issues. Upon departing with 2 work days to complete, I received messages that evening informing me he would consider that day December 6th my last day of employment and to schedule a time to pick up my personal belongings. I insisted on leaving cordial as I have never had any kind of disiplinary action against me and only had two days to finish out. I called my gm several times and requested an explaination for this as I have been a loyal employee and was trying to leave on cordial terms and did not understand why I would be treated this way. He mentioned he had heard rumors of discussions that included me (still not sure what he is referring to) and thought it would be best to separate ties. Ironically enough a prior coworker (and good friend of mine) called me 3 days prior to these abrupt messages, inquiring on why I would be leaving (without another job back up by the way which is completely out of character for myself given my employment track record) and I was honest. Needless to say, my prior predessor was offered the job and then turned it down. My bullier had a professional tie to this connection as well, as he implied lies about me during the conversations trying to validate the negative experience I had encountered. I was persistent on my loyalty to the company and desparetly requested an explanation, however was ignored and refused. They continued to compensate my pay the next two days but I don't understand how this went from a cordial two week notice to being ugly, embarressing, treated unwanted and refused an explanation as this has now burnt a major bridge that I personally was trying to avoid. Is this a form of retaliation?

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