Can I be terminated for missing work if I have a doctors note for all absences?

I started my position back in 6/2011. Within the first few months I was placed under so much stress that I became ill. I had to be medicated for anxiety and then started having stomach issues which I was also prescribed medication for. I am now out for two days due to normal illness which I am going to my doctor to get on antibiotics. Prior to beginning this job I had to complete a physical, which was done with a positive result. I did not start getting sick until I began to work at this job. Considering I have a doctors note for almost all my absences and I work very hard while I am at my job, can they fire me for my absences?

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Phyllis Towzey
Yes, you can be fired for excessive absenteeism, regardless of whether you have a doctor's note. Since you started last June, you have worked there less than one year and therefore do not come under the protection of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If the employer has 50 or more employees in a 75 mile radius of your workplace, then after you have worked there for a full year you will be entitled to up to 12 weeks FMLA leave IF you have a serious health condition as defined by the FMLA. (It does not cover ordinary illnesses like a cold or the flu).

posted by Phyllis Towzey  |  Mar 7, 2012 09:59 AM [EST]

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