Am I entitled to collect unemployment if I resigned for good reasons?

I resigned from my job two weeks ago, I was turned down for a promotion which should have been mine. I worked at this company for two years and have worked my butt off. I was a POS Supervisor incharge of all cashiers, you can ask any of my cashiers and they will tell you that promotion should have been mine. What didnt get me this position I truly believe is I went to their corporate office with some valid complaints, so went over the heads of my bosses which they didnt like. About things such as, theft, Managers sleeping with Associates, Sexual Harrassment, Drug use amongst managers and Associates in the store, unfairness amongst employees, invalid promotions due to liking that person more, the list could go on. I couldnt take the stress anymore so I resigned my position after I didnt get the promotion. My question is, can I collect unemployment? I only worked part-time. I had my telephone interview this morning and she couldnt tell me anything, cause now she will talk to someone with the company that I used to work for. What are my chances in collecting do you feel?

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Janet M. Koehn
probably not

if you personally were subjected to sexual harassment, and resigned to escape the harassment after complaints did not change the situation; if you resigned because you were being asked to do illegal things; or if you resigned for other "good cause" related to the company's illegal conduct, you can collect unemployment.
you cannot collect unemployment because you were unhappy you did not get a promotion.
the conduct you complained of was apparently not severe enough that it kept you from wanting to stay with, in fact, move up in the company. your major gripe appears to be favoritism, not illegal conduct. i don't think you have any chance of collecting unemployment after voluntarily resigning.
however, if you can prove that you were passed over for promotion in favor of someone who was going along with the managers' requests for sexual favors, you would have a claim for employment discrimination. you should talk to an attorney experienced in employment law. you can find one in your area at the cal employment lawyers assn's website,

good luck

posted by Janet M. Koehn  |  Dec 31, 2004 12:30 PM [EST]

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