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Ohio non-compete tips
Ohio specific article regarding non-competition agreements and covenants not to compete, which includes case law, tips and a historical background.

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Employee Poaching & Non-Compete Agreements
Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in non-compete litigation. This is not anecdotal— it is statistical. State and federal court dockets confirmed that non-compete litigation is... applies to Florida

Can they enforce my Non-compete if they Fired Me?
Non-competition agreements hit fired employees particularly hard, especially when the employer fires the employee without warning or cause. Non-competes hits fired employees with a second whammy, a ba... applies to All States

Overview of U.S. Non-competition Agreements
A non-competition agreement, also know as a covenant not to compete, is a promise by an employee not to compete with his or her employer for a specified time, in a particular place or in a particular ... applies to All States

Help for Non-competition Problems
Non-competition agreements can block promising career paths. Even so, every state enforces them, but within limits. For help solving your non-compete problems, learn the limits. Neil Klingshirn has wr... applies to All States

Fighting Florida Non-competition agreements
Many Florida employees believe that, just because an employer forced them to sign a non compete agreement or be fired, they are not bound by the non-compete agreement. That is just not true. Continued... applies to Florida

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Validity of Non-Compete
I have a non-compete in place with a national consulting firm. During the course of my employment I was asked to sign an additional non-compete. For doing so I was able to continue employment but not ... applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

Non-Compete Statute of Limitation
I was curious as to whether there is a statute of limitations on Non-Compete agreements. I have a one year non-compete agreement which expired a few weeks ago. During the one year time of my non-compe... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

My former employer has recently just sold their business. I have not worked there for a year and there is still a year left on my non-compete. Is it enforceable by the new owners? I am sure they are a... applies to Florida  ·  3 answers

Non compete HELP
I was hired by a company with whom I had to sign a non compete. They only let me see the page where the signature goes and said if I wanted to work there I had to sign it. I was recently terminated fo... applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

Is my non-compete valid
I signed a non-compete in 2011. In 2012 the company had financial problems and could not pay it's employees on schedule. The two companies that had merged, then split at this time. I never singed anot... applies to Montana  ·  0 answers

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Unlock Non-Compete Agreements, Keys to Escape 12-21-10 TOC
applies to All States

Unlock Non-Compete Agreements: Keys to Escape - Table of Contents and Intro.
applies to Ohio

Valley Med. Spec. v. Farber
applies to Arizona

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Ballman, Donna

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Dabrowski, Doris
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