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"Reasonableness" of Non-Compete Must Be Examined In Totality (Delaware Elevator, Inc. v. Williams)

A Fast-Food Non-Compete Clause

A hypnotic tale about choice of law and non-compete agreements

A hypnotic tale about choice of law and non-compete agreements

A hypnotic tale about choice of law and non-compete agreements

A Non-Compete Damages Overview

A Summary of Georgia's New (Employer-Friendly) Non-Compete Statute

Allocation of Goodwill In Sale of Business Non-Compete Not Reflective of Protectable Interest's Value (RSG v. Sidump'r Trailer)

Amendment Introduced to Proposed Illinois Covenants Not to Compete Act

Application of Non-Compete in Term Agreement Often a Matter of Contract Interpretation (St. Johns Investment v. Albaneze)

Applying the Logic of Empro to Non-Compete Cases

Are Signatures Required on a Non-Compete Agreement? (U.S. Risk Mgmt. v. Day)

Are You Ready for Another Motorola Non-Compete Lawsuit?

Asset Purchase Agreement Did Not Transfer Right to Enforce Non-Compete (JSC Terminal v. Farris)

Attention Listeners: Non-Compete Radio Is On the Air

Attorneys' Fees In Complex Non-Compete Case Exceed $500,000 (Western Insulation v. Moore)

Baltimore Business Journal Article on Non-compete Agreements (Subscription Required)

Bank Executive's Non-Compete Dispute Promises To Be Year's Most Interesting Case

Beware Drafting Trap Under Colorado's Non-Compete Statute (Saturn Systems v. Militaire)

Bobby Petrino's Deal Contains Only In-Term Non-Compete

Broadcast Employees Frequently Exempt From Non-Compete Agreements

California Court Of Appeal Doubts Viability Of "Trade Secrets" Exception For Covenants Not To Compete

California Court Of Appeal Refuses To Enforce Non-Compete Against Selling Shareholder

Can they enforce my Non-compete if they Fired Me?

Case Law and Non-Compete News Update

Choice of Law in Non-compete Cases

Citadel's Appeal Proves Unsuccessful In Extending Non-Compete Period (Citadel Investment Group v. Teza Technologies)

Colorado Finds Continued Employment Is Not Sufficient Consideration for Afterthought Non-Compete (Lucht's Concrete Pumping v. Horner)

Companies May Be Liable for Honoring Illegal Non-Compete Agreements of Former Employers

Connecticut Court Rejects Unclean Hands Defense In Non-Compete Case (Drummond American v. Share Corp.)

Costs To Defend Against Alleged Non-Compete Violations Often Drive Employee Decisions (Even if the Agreement is Likely Unenforceable)

Court Considers Hypotheticals In Determining Overbreadth of CVS Non-Compete Agreement (Saban v. Caremark Rx, LLC)

Court of Appeal Strikes Down Non-Compete Related to Sale of Business

Court Will Not Convert Broad Non-Disclosure Clause Into a Non-Compete Restriction (Softchoice Corp. v. MacKenzie)

Customer Contact May Be Prohibited In Absence of Non-Compete Agreement ( v. Rainer)

Cut In Salary Usually Does Not Void Non-Compete Clause (Leibowitz v. Aternity, Inc.)

Defendant's Gains From Breach of Non-Compete Not A Proper Measure of Damages (Phelps v. Wystrach)

Discovery Requests Can Play Important Role In Determining Reasonableness of Non-Compete (SNS One v. Hage)

Doc Rivers' Non-Compete Agreement

Eleventh Circuit Weighs in on Florida Non-Compete Law

Employee Poaching & Non-Compete Agreements

Employee's Tortious Interference Claim Depends on Validity of Non-Compete Agreement (Hidy Motors v. Sheaffer)

Employer Unable To Condition ERISA Severance Payments on Signing Undisclosed Non-Compete

Employer's Statements About Limiting Scope of Non-Compete Barred by Parol Evidence (New Life Cleaners v. Tuttle)

Employers Must Provide "Valuable Consideration" To Current Employees When Entering A Non-Compete Agreement During Employment

Episode 4 of Fairly Competing: Mistakes Employers Make With Non-Compete Agreements

Equitable Tolling of Non-Compete Not Available In Massachusetts Absent Contract Provision (EMC Corp. v. Arturi)

Expedited Discovery In Non-Compete Cases Is Not Guaranteed

Failure to Identify Company on List of Prohibited Competitors Proves Fatal to Non-Compete Claim (Carrier Vibrating Equip. v. Andritz Separation)

Failure to Present Employee With Contemplated Non-Compete Agreement Fatal to Employer's Claim (Workflow Solutions v. Lewis)

Federal Court In Maine Holds Involuntary Termination Can Be Considered In Enforcement of Non-Compete (OfficeMax v. County Qwick Print)

Fee Agreements and Time Sheets Discoverable In Non-Compete Dispute (OfficeMax Inc. v. Sousa)

First Circuit Affirms Denial of Preliminary Injunction In Non-Compete Dispute (ANSYS, Inc. v. Computational Dynamics NA)

Franchise Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable By Sylvan Learning Center (Sylvan Learning v. Gulf Coast Ed.)

Georgia Appellate Court Finds Non-Compete Incident to Stock Purchase Agreement Is Subject to Lower Degree of Scrutiny (American Control Sys. v. Boyce)

Georgia Non-Compete Reform Up To Voters In November

Hair Stylists Subject to Enforceable Non-Compete Agreement (Jon Scott Salon v. Garcia)

High Profile Non-Compete Disputes Turn Out Poorly for Departing Employees

How much is a non-compete worth?

Illinois Court Refuses to Modify Overbroad Non-Compete (Oce North America v. Brazeau)

In Alabama, No Implied Covenant Not to Compete In Business Sale (Pinzone v. Papa's Wings, Inc.)

In Non-Compete Cases, Judges Determine Which Facts Are Important (FBK Partners v. Thomas)

In Non-Compete Suits, Is the Employee's Age Relevant?

Iowa Appellate Court Addresses First Sale of Business Non-Compete Case In Over 70 Years (Sutton v. Iowa Trenchless)

Kentucky Court Summarizes Non-Compete Reasonableness Factors

Law Limiting Non-Compete Agreements in Maryland to Take Effect October 1, 2019

Legal Jujutsu: Compelling Arbitration When Sued For Alleged Breach of a Non-Compete

Legal Jujutsu: Compelling Arbitration When Sued For Alleged Breach of a Non-Compete

Legal Precedent Thin on Whether Employee Can Seek Injunctive Relief Preventing Enforcement of Invalid Non-Compete (Frank v. Wesco Distribution)

Legislative Reform, Non-Compete Agreements, and the Contracts Clause

Let's Start Year 5: Amazon.Com Loses Preliminary Fight Over Non-Compete Agreement

Let's Talk Procedure!! The Burden of Proof In Non-Compete Cases

Liquidated Damages Provision Upheld In LLC Non-Compete Dispute (Mattern & Associates v. Seidel)

Louisiana Affirms Common Sense Rule That Non-Compete Cannot Be Breached In Absence of...Actual Agreement (Action Revenue Recovery v. eBusiness Group)

Maryland Non-Compete Agreement Unenforceable As Applied to Salespeople Processing Competitive Bids

Massachusetts Non-Compete Legislation Re-Introduced

Michigan Appellate Court Upholds 3-Year Injunction In Absence of Non-Compete (Actuator Specialties v. Chinavare)

Mintel Case Addresses Breadth of Non-Compete, Equitable Extension Remedy (Mintel Int'l v. Neergheen)

Modification of Non-Compete Agreement May Prevent Fee Recovery (Paradise v. Midwest Asphalt Coatings)

My Thoughts on Michigan's Proposed Non-Compete Legislation

New Bill Would Alter Non-Compete Law in Illinois

New Hampshire Employer Alert: Notice Required for Non-Compete Agreements

New Jersey Non-Compete Bill Follows Maryland Lead - And Then Takes It a Step Further

New York Non-Compete Agreements Are Loaded Weapons

New York Workers Fired Without Cause Not Bound By Non-Compete Agreements

Non-Compete Agreement's Geographic Restriction Too Specific To Be Enforced (Wright Medical Group v. Darr)

Non-Compete Agreements and Protecting Trade Secrets

Non-Compete Agreements and Protecting Trade Secrets

Non-Compete Agreements and Protecting Trade Secrets

Non-Compete Agreements are Bad for Business

Non-Compete Agreements Take Another Hit in California

Non-Compete Agreements: Are Your Hands Tied???

Non-Compete Case Law Update (And a Tip for Clients)

Non-Compete Case Law Update: The Mildly Interesting, But Useful, Edition

Non-Compete Clauses in Franchise Agreements

Non-Compete In Post-Employment Settlement Agreement Judged With Less Scrutiny (McClain & Co. v. Carucci)

Non-Compete News: Florida Senator Rubio Proposes Legislation to Loosen Grip on Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete provision was overbroad and unenforceable (6-1)

Non-Compete Radio Is Back: Episode 2 Link

Non-Compete Radio Now Available Through iTunes

Non-Compete Radio: Episode 3 Link

Non-Compete Radio: Episode 4 Link

Non-Compete Signed After Acceptance of New Job Lacks Consideration (Drummond American LLC v. Share Corp.)

Non-Compete Suits and TROs - Part 1

Non-Compete Suits and TROs - Part 2

Non-Compete Suits and TROs - Part 3

NYT Article Adds Grist to the Mill Over Non-Compete Debate

Oregon Case Illustates Realistic Approach to Deciding Complex Non-Compete Issue (Epiq Class Action v. Prutsman)

Orthodontics Sales Representative Prevails in Non-Compete Bench Trial (Thiesing v. Dentsply Int'l)

Pennsylvania Appellate Court Finds Uniform Written Obligations Act Inapplicable to Covenants Not to Compete

Proposed Non-Compete Legislation in Connecticut Follows Legislative Trend

Reading Round-Up and Some Thoughts on Wrapping Up Another Non-Compete Case

Rescinding Non-compete Agreements after the Employer's Breach

Scope of Arbitration Submission Renders Decision on Non-Compete Remedy Unreviewable (Comprehensive Orthopaedics v. Axtmayer)

Settlements (Part 1 of 3): 5 Reasons Non-Compete Cases Shouldn't (and Don't) Settle

Settlements (Part 2 of 3): 5 Reasons Non-Compete Cases Should (and Do) Settle

Settlements (Part 3 of 3): Dealing With a Defendant's Bankruptcy in Non-Compete Litigation

Should You Negotiate Your Non-Compete? Yes, and Here's 5 Reasons Why.

Sinclair Broadcast and Its (Alleged) Non-Compete Agreement

Stealing a Non-Compete Agreement May Not Do You Any Good and It Could Land You In Jail

Supreme Court of Alaska Addresses First Sale of Business Non-Compete Case (Wenzell v. Ingrim)

Supreme Court of Colorado: Continued Employment Does Constitute Sufficient Consideration for Non-Compete (Lucht's Concrete Plumbing v. Horner)

Supreme Court of Illinois Recognizes Intrusion Upon Seclusion Tort in Non-Compete Investigation

Supreme Court of Kentucky Finds Continued Employment Is Insufficient Consideration for Non-Compete

Supreme Court of Texas Revamps Non-Compete Test...Again (Marsh USA v. Cook)

Supreme Court of the United States Reverses Oklahoma Non-Compete Decision

Temporary Restraining Order In Non-Compete Case Requires Showing of Immediate Harm (Ride-Away Handicap Equip. v. Tracey)

Tennessee Court Expands Geographic Reach of Non-Compete Agreement (J.T. Shannon Lumber v. Barrett)

Termination of At-Will Employment Does Not Invalidate Non-Compete (Drummond American, LLC v. Share Corp.)

Texas Supreme Court to Review Key Non-Compete Issue (Marsh USA v. Cook)

The "I'm Too Busy Edition": Non-Compete Case Law Update

The Janitor Non-Compete, This Time for Real

The Supreme Court of Illinois Is Not Interested in the Non-Compete Consideration Rule

The Yardstick Method and Non-Compete Damages

There Is No End to Creative "Non-Compete" Arguments (Lindskov v. Lindskov)

Two Maryland Non-Compete Clauses And A Magic Blue Pencil.

Upcoming Webinar: Covenants Not to Compete

What Are the Limits on "Preparing to Compete"?

What Happens If a Company Does Not Enforce Its Non-Compete Agreements?

What Provisions Does the Employer Need In Its Non-Compete Agreeement?

What to do when you are threatened with a non-compete lawsuit.

What to look for (and avoid) in a Maryland Non-Compete Agreement

Why Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

Wisconsin Supreme Court: No-Hire Provision is a Covenant Not to Compete

Yes, Non-Compete Agreement Can Be Enforceable Against a Tattoo Artist (Atomic Tattoos v. Morgan)

You Can't Reverse Blue-Pencil a Non-Compete

You Can’t Compete With Me The…legality of non-compete agreements

You May Not Be Within the Class of Employees That Can Be Covered by a Non-Compete Agreement.

You May Not Be Within the Class of Employees That Can Be Covered by a Non-Compete Agreement.

You've Got the Job, Details Will Follow - Employment Offer Letters & Non-Compete Agreements

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