wont send me my check after being threatened(physically)

I was threatened by another employee at work which nothing was done about it..I decided to walk out an quit...tired of the harrassment.Anyhow the company sent me a letter stating they stopped my direct deposit and I will not recieve my last check unless I give them back 4 shirts that has thier logo on it...these were at no cost to them..we recieved free shirts for displaying a contractor logo.Anyhow I gladly sent the shirts back ...I by right do not want to go back to the office due to the threats ...they are saying they will not send my check to me. Is this legal, if so I didnt sign anything when taking the job that stated this. What should I do.They also will not give it to a relative to give to me.

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Neil Klingshirn
Your final pay is your property

Once you earn your pay, it belongs to you. If the employer withholds it, you can go to small claims court and get it, plus a fee of $200, under Ohio Revised Code section 4113.15, semi-monthly payment of wages. Here is a link to an online code site: http://onlinedocs.andersonpublishing.com/oh/lpExt.dll?f=templates&fn=main-h.htm&cp=PORC.

If the issue is whether you have to get it in person or they must send it to you, it is not worth the fight you will have to fight to make them come to you. I would go with several of my biggest friends or else call the cops and have them go with you to retrieve your property. If the employer fails to give you your property, it is probably a theft. In addition, if you have a good faith belief that you are in danger by going there to get it, you should ask the police to accompany you to protect you.



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