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Does a diver cleaning boat bottoms carry trade secrets that will substantiate pursuit of a non compete contract? My x employer paid me hourly under 30 hours for supposed training, however i paid for the diving certifications he requested well over a year before hiring on with him, and already had all necessary equipment to complete the jobs including transportation. I paid all fuel and insurance associated with the operation of my transportation as well as maintenance of equipment on the job. Any help is appreciated, sincerely, frustrated.

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David Goldman

Generally there are three issues one needs to be concerned about with regards to non-compete agreements. These are breaches of duties of employees while they are still employed, violations of non solicitation agreements, and non-compete agreements.

Even a boat cleaning business can have protectible business interestes, trade secrets are only one way to create an enforceable agreement. You should contact a lawyer who specializes in non-compete agreements. Generally the main problem with fighting these is the cost of defending an agreement can be substantial and the agreements are tolled, that is they don't begin to run until the end of the case.

posted by David Goldman  |  Apr 1, 2008 8:43 PM [EST]

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