i work for a non profit company when i was offered my job i signed a non compete

At time of hire they offered me a base salary as well as a per bin bonus (I'm a site finder/territory manager for a non profit that collects clothes and shoes. They also ogreed to pay me $.30 per mile. After a year they put us in work cars and no longer paid mileage. I earned income off the mileage. Since they took the mileage away they took territories away also. Now they are limiting the spaces I can work which limits the locations I find which takes away my bonus. They also have refused locations I have turned in which gives me no bonus.
I worked for them from 2003 to 2007 as a contractor. They never trained me to begin with. Since I became an employee in 2009 they still have offered no training. I can earn what I am used to making doing the same thing with a company that is for profit. It is not a non profit. Can I go earn my normal pay with the for profit company? They did not give me a copy of my non compete. It just stated I will not work for a company that does the same clothing collection. But they did change the way I make money which resulted in lower income recently.

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