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i currently work for a small 1 person dog walking company in chicago that is selling it client listing to another company. when all is said and done the company that i work for now is going to stop service and sell service to other company, this company wants to make me a 10-99 and still keep on. but the thing is My girlfriend and her is opening a company of there own aswell.

I was told buy other clients of mine that they would rather keep my as there main dogwalker and just pay me for my service.

now since the company is selling out its clients, but still keeping the name of the company and is now longer active in the business

wouldnt the non compete claus be void since im no longer working for her and she no longer owns the rights to the clients since she sold them off. also i will no longer be employeed buy this company and now a 10-99 for a new company that she is selling to company to, i think that a non complete would be viod in this case..

also i live in the state of illinois.
Cook County.

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Carol Oshana
Noncompeting Walker

The essence of a noncompete contract is the contract language itself. I would have to read it to give you a clear answer. However, in general, noncompete clauses must be limited in duration and radius to your original place of employment, and must come with consideration. Typically, the rights of a contract can be transferred to a purchaser of a company. Hence, the contract would not necessarily be void simply because ownership changed hands. Nontheless your contract may be void for other reasons. I suggest you call an attorney for this so that he or she can review the language.

posted by Carol Oshana  |  May 11, 2004 11:01 AM [EST]

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