Wrongful Termination and Defamation of Character

I have worked for a company for the last seven years as a Property Manager. The owner of the company has always been volatile but I made the choice to stay because I liked my job. One of the conditions of my employment was that I lived on site and was basically available 24/7. Over the last several months there have been issues with the General Manager and the owner towards the different properties and employees. We are told on a daily basis that we are lazy, stupid, liars, etc. My assistant was told she was worth $8 from the neck up and $11 from the neck down and other then that was a piece of s**t. She filed a complaint with the payroll company as we have no HR department. With in four hours she was fired and I was placed on a one week suspension, without pay, for not supervising her. I am a salaried, exempt employee and believe that they can not withhold pay while under suspension. Subsequently four days into the suspension they terminated me. When I asked the basis, I was told they didn't need to give me a reason. Since that time, I have been told by other employees that they are accusing my assistant and I of taking bribes from tenants, theft, we are both liars and they are going to have us arrested. Another employee was sent text messages that if she would sign an affidavit against me her position would be safe and they would have me arrested. She refused and they suspended her for a week and placed her on eviction from her apartment. They are telling all staff, tenants and anyone who will listen that I am a thief, liar, take bribes, etc. There is no proof and no back up to their allegations. It was also told to me that they will deny me unemployment. How do I stop this?

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