Would the non compete keep me from getting a new job?

I am working in Recruitment at a Home Care company for seniors in their homes. I am looking to work at an Assisted Living as a Sales Manager. My non compete says to not work for a like company for 2 years and within 100 miles.... What are my chances that my franchise owner would not allow me to work at the other company? Could I get sued? What type of money would I have to pay etc?

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Doris Dabrowski
If you violate the terms of a non-compete agreement, the employer-party to the non-compete agreement can file a lawsuit against you to enforce the terms of the agreement and recover damages. Non-compete agreements frequently specify the nature of the relief that the employer may seek. Generally, an employer may ask a court to order you to cease working for a competitor and to award monetary relief.

In this forum, I can provide general educational information, rather than an analysis of the facts in your particular situation. Your questions require a lawyer to review your particular non-compete agreement and information about your prospective employer. You may contact me or another lawyer of your choice to analyze the agreement and the job duties at the places of employment.
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