Time Frame of Wages According to O.R.C. or D.O.L.

My spouse works for a paid ambulance service. This company is far behind on payment of wages. He is owed over $2500 of gross pay. They are at least a year behind on some employees. What is the time frame they are supposed to pay in according to the O.R.C? They are supposed to be paid at least every two weeks. I would like to be able to find this answer and submit it to the owners who say they are in no violation of laws. Also there is a sign up on the wall that says do not put over 40 hours on your time card. And is he eligible for overtime pay as an EMT? They have grossed $230,000 this year alone. They say they are broke. Keep making excuses as to when there is going to be a paycheck available. He has finally found another job, and has taken a verbal 90 L.O.A. with one of the owners.

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Neil Klingshirn
Ohio and federal law for wage payment

Here is a link to an answer to a previous question that should help you out here. http://www.myemploymentlawyer.com/mel/answer.php3?answer_id=1206.

You may need to copy this link and paste it into your address bar.

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