This is Deflamation of Character? How much can i recieve in a civil suit against these officials?

County Court officials and Department Of Corrections Staff told amongst each other that i am a young African American male living with HIV/AIDS. Which is defamation of character. Because of this, inmaates assaulted me, as jailstaff discriminated against me treating me different from all other inmates. Giving other inmates special privilidges and singling me out from everyone else. As i was profiled also. Also i was held hostage for 6-7 months and confined to my cell in solitary confinement for 23-24 hours a day at times. Jailstaff and Court officials treated me in a negative way. My attorney at the time before entering the courtroom, the Judge announced to the court, "Alright yal, We have to let this guy go now," my attorney at the time before i walked into the courtroom stated to the Judge as she tried to be discreet about this stated "No, he has AIDS, Im still trying to talk him into signing a plea offer." Everytime before i walked into the courtroom she brought this to the Judge's attention. Which effected my freedom of being released. And denied my charges being dropped. This effected my freedom of getting the charges dropped and held hostage for 6-7 months. As my attorney stated a Rumor that effeted me personally and my freedom as well. Which County Court Officials and Jailstaff as well as Department of Corrections staff displayed deflamation of character towards me. As they constantly pointed at me and singled me out from everyone. As inmated and staff humiliated me. Department of Corrections staff held me past my release date as i was scheduled to be released from their custody April 6th, 2013, they held me until April 8th, 2013. As they constantly told theirselfves that i have AIDS and did not want me to be released from custody. As they continuously held me hostage. Also because of this, while in Department of Corrections custody, Corrections officer allowed 3 inmates to ambush and brutally assault me. From this i suffered severe head injuries. When i was able to walk out the unit i seen the corrections officer in front of the monitors as he gave me a cold stare as he was aware of an assault being tookin upon me, as he seen the redness in my face and the knots. I was assaulted in jail as an officer allowed an inmate to assault me as officers told the inmates in the unit i was housed that i have hiv/aids. An inmate took it upon himself to assault me as the officer at the time closed the cell door and let this inmate assault me as he was very aware of what went on as he closed the cell door while i was being assaulted. As i yelled for help constantly while being assaulted. This caused me to suffer emotionally as i was diagnosed with PTSD from this traumatic event. How should i pursue this legal matter?

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