Ret. Behavior, Harassment/Hostile Work Envmt, Age Discrim?

I have recently complained to me boss (also an owner of the company) that I am being harrassed with ongoing abusive verbal treatment from another employee. I have been informed that this behavior has also been directed at other employees as well. The boss and the offender are the only males in the small company. My boss had little response and did nothing to stop the behavior. Infact the last time it happened, he turned around in his desk chair to watch the show, as I was yelled at in front of the office full of staff. I finally said stood my ground, and stated I wasn't putting up with this behavior any longer. I simply got up from my desk, and walked around the block a couple of times. Still the boss did nothing. I am now being mysteriously laid off due to reduction in work, their standard go to for letting people go, even though I have been and employee for 1 1/2 years, and the other employee is new. Do I have a claim for retaliatory behavior, harassment or hostile work environment, age discrimination (I'm 51 yr old woman, he's an 20 something man) against my employer?

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George Allen
This certainly sounds like a potential gender-based hostile work environment case, better known as "sexual harassment" (SH). SH is harassment based on gender, and does not need to involve explicit gender-based comments or actions (e.g., talking about sex, body parts, etc.). It is illegal to terminate an employee for complaining about illegal harassment. You should definitely review the situation with an experienced employment attorney. Good luck to you.

posted by George Allen  |  Jun 2, 2016 3:14 PM [EST]

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