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Short Description: Is this discrimination on the basis of religion?

Question Text: I am an orthodox Jew, and therefore my religious observance
prohibits me from traveling from Friday night sundown until Saturday night
sundown. My employer is a major university, where I am a post-doc fellow.
Soon, I am to present at a conference, which starts on a Saturday at a
remote location. My presentation will be on Sunday (I did not get to choose
that day). In order for me not to have to travel during the prohibited time
period, I have to travel on Thursday (because I would arrive too late on
Friday).I feel that my department should give me a per diem for that extra
day, as they would accomodate someone with special needs, since it is not my
choice to go to the conference in the first place, and since I actually have
to be there on Sunday because of my talk. My employer refused. Am I right or
am I wrong? Thank you

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Patty Rose
Possible discrimination

I am assuming that you are saying that they would accommodate someone with a physical disability or some other reason who needs to fly out earlier, or others with family needs-The standard for accommmodation is different than other forms of discrimination. Are you aware of any instances when they have accommodated others with "special needs"?

There may be a state and federal law issue here. Feel free to call my office at (206) 622-8964 or go directly to my website at www.giget.comoselaw

Patty Rose

posted by Patty Rose  |  Jul 22, 2004 3:48 PM [EST]

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