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I work as the H.R. Manager for a family owned business with 250 employees. We have no employee handbook and few company policies.
Basically there are different rules for everyone, depending on who who are and what position you hold.

There appears to be one employee that company leaders single out for no good reasons. In my 1.4 years with this company, 3 employees have been singled out, 1 terminated, 1 demoted, 1 quit. I am now their target.

I have a review schedule, my first review was excellent, I received a pay increase,I recieved satisfactory scores on my second and third reviews but no pay increase. I have found out that the decision to terminate me was made several months ago, (I have some documented evidence of this) these reviews are intended to cover themselves, I will be given no real opportunity to correct issues listed on my review, even though my supervisor tells me he wants me to be successsful. All of my issues I would consider minor and are never discussed as they occur, what they do is make a list of mistakes then confront me during the review process. On the review form, they say this will serve as a notice of disipline.

I was told Friday 10/14 by the company President, I like you, you do allot of good things for us, but don't turn down any job offers. They have begun to threaten and intimidate, attempting to pressure me to quit. I know how this works as I was involved in the other three termination targets.

I am 45 years old,educated, have an excellent employment record, and have never been fired before and do excellent work for this company. Other employees commit far worse infractions and are not subject to disipline. (Theft, drinking at work, throwing a chair at an employee to name a few)

In my view, I am being target as I express my opinion on questionable business practices such as making employees attend unpaid meetings, non-uniformed employee treatment, safety violations, bascially issues I should bring forth as the Human Resourses Manager.

Ohio is an At Will state and my options are limited, but I am being treated unfairly, intimidated, and I now know I will be terminated with no chance to correct my supposed issues.

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Neil Klingshirn
This may be retaliation if the timing is right

If you have fallen out of favor because you raised safety, overtime and other legal issues affecting employees, you may have a claim of retaliation. The key is the timing. If you were targeted for termination shortly after engaging in protected conduct (raising safety, overtime or other legal issue), then the timing will suggest that the protected conduct caused the termination decision.

If you would like to discuss the particular facts of your situation, call my office to schedule a consultation. Dial extension 0 for Julie, our office manager, at 330.665.5445.

Best regards,

Neil Klingshirn

posted by Neil Klingshirn  |  Oct 17, 2005 09:30 AM [EST]

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