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Would like to contact former employer who had an attorney send a notification letter of injunction against me for violation of a non-compete contract. I do not have a copy of the non-compete and would like to make an attempt to speak with him. He telephoned me with threats prior to the letter. Because I'm unsure of exact violation I need a copy of the agreement which was signed back in 2001. I recall the document reading ambiguous and very broad in spectrum. Would you guide me into a direction that will not harm me prior to any further contact with him? I don't mind paying a fee for consultation however I would like an attorney well-versed in Florida non-compete contract law. My ex-employer indicated this was personal and would see to it that I will be destroyed. Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

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David Goldman
Information necessary

In order to evaluate this, it would be important to see what was signed?

What were the terms of the agreement, what type of work were you doing then?

Who are you working for now, what are you doing? What is the location of the new job in proximity to the older job?

Please send me the information so that it can be evaluated further.

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posted by David Goldman  |  Aug 29, 2007 07:59 AM [EST]

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