My grandfather passed a few weeks ago and it the policy at my job says that they give you three bereavement days thats paid for but they have not paid me what do I do

On my way to work one night I got a call from my sister when I answered the phone she told me that my grandfather had died so I continue to go to work anyway not really ready to face the reality of what was going on so I went to work so now that I’m at work I am kind of distant from everybody So around four or 5 o’clock I asked my supervisor could I leave he stated yes after he asked me why and I explained to him what was going on now in our policy at Amicks Farm it Says Three days that’s paid (Bereavement) So Wednesday when I got my direct deposit it said $70 so I went to My Supervisor and asked him how was they going to pay me and he stated that I would get it in a separate check Friday so Friday came I got my check stub and that was all I received so the lady who works in the office told me that They was not going to pay me because it Has to be the day before ,, the Day of ,,,,and the day after,,, now the way our work schedule is we were five consistent days Sunday night until Friday morning so my last night was Monday nite tuesday morning I left at 451 am so how do I go about this because I have a family I also need to feed an Provide for now I’m behind a few bills because I didn’t have the money to afford them all the following week before I can go back to work the following Monday I sprained my foot I’ve been out for a whole Nother week that’s two weeks I’m behind already what do I do

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