Member of mgmt & co is bouncing payroll checks

I am a member of management at an Ohio Company. We have frequent issues with paychecks being returned for NSF. Although I am not aware of the bank account status at any time, I am concerned that I could be brought into any future legal matters with my employees. Should I be concerned? If yes, can I quit on these grounds and file for unemployment until I find another job?

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Ann Lugbill
Mgmt member & payroll checks bouncing

The primary concern here is your own future. Unless you know the company's financials, bounced paychecks indicate serious cash flow problems or serious accounting irregularities.

Unless you are signing these checks, I do not know of any legal liability that you personally would have as the employee of a corporation, even as management, unless you are an officer or a partner (if not a corporation).

Rather than risk a lack of entitlement to unemployment (I have no clear answer for you re whether you would receive it, but you can call the unemployment office and find out), the best way to get a good new job is to get it while you are still employed. Unemployed, folks feel sorry for you but are less likely to hire you than if you are working; employed, a potential employer wants to work hard to recruit you away from where you are.

posted by Ann Lugbill  |  Mar 14, 2004 6:47 PM [EST]

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