My last employer gave me a "pink slip" with two weeks notice, indicated the job was terminated due to "BUDGET CONSTRAINTS", when in fact, it was a personal conflict. The budget was in fact, approved 2 months prior to the "lay-off". I feel very certain that it was retaliation from the comptroller, since he did not like me personally, or personal opinions I presented at staff meetings, etc. Since that time, and within 4 months, the position was advertised. What are my chances of bringing in a law-suit?

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Christopher Ezold
Chances unlikely

I am afraid that in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, unless you have a contract, you are an employee-at-will, meaning that you can be fired for any reason or no reason, except for discriminatory reasons or reasons violating public policy.

If the reason that you were terminated is the personal animosity of the comptroller, you have no legal claim. The company is allowed under the law to terminate you because one of its officers doesn't like you. However, if the comptroller does not like you because of your gender, age, race, religion, ethnic background, disability or other protected characteristic, you may have a claim.

Although unprofessional, being lied to about the reason for termination does not in and of itself constitute a legal claim.

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