I was refused unemployment after being let go for unproffesionalism(complaints of a coworker)

I was called to HR and told I was on investigative leave. The next day they called and let me go. 8 weeks later the unemployment office said that the company said I was fired for unproffesional behavior for multiple incidents and had complaints by a coworker about a conversation about a TV show and a statement about a vjj. What the company did not ask was that that employee asked me about the vjj initiating the conversation. This dept. often participated in such loose conversations & statements. It seems to me that I was picked out by a co worker that just didn't like me as much as she like the others in the dept. I really did not get the chance to defend myself or correct an offense that I was not aware happened. I now just want to reiceve unemployment while I seach for a new job.
I worked for Charter Communications in a call center. I had been there almost 2 years in several dept. and was a good worker w/a successful stats and no such problems in the other depts. How can I win a fight w the unemployment office?

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Michele Henry
When you applied for unemployment, you provided your reason for the termination. The unemployment office contacted the employer for its position. Then the unemployment office makes a decision regarding your eligibility. If it decides against you, you can appeal and a hearing will be set. You can attend the hearing on your own or with a lawyer. You will be able to testify and offer evidence and cross examine their witnesses. The hearing referee will make a decision about your eligibility and will send it to you. You have additional appeal rights beyond that as well.

I'm not sure what you were talking about at work, but if you have evidence that this type of discussion was permitted and you were the only one terminated for it, you may be able to win at the hearing level.

posted by Michele Henry  |  Aug 19, 2009 10:51 AM [EST]

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