Fear of retaliation.

I have worked for my present employer for 7 years. Last year I transfered to a different department. My new Director manages us by scare tactics and intimination. Recentlly he wrote me up stating I was unprofessional and disrescpectful. I asked him if I could file a grievence because I did not say or do what he stated in his write up. He said if I filed a grievance that he could find a way to make the disciplinary action more severe. Is this legal? He has also made discrimination comments. Example, I needed to hire a phlebotomist and I was told my him not to hire a young women that would leave to have children. I fear saying or writing anything.

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Janet L. Heins
possible retaliation

If you are a union member, special union rules apply to the penalties for acting against you for filing a grievance, and you should consult your union. If you are not a union member, then the process is far different, because non-union employees have much less employment protection. If you are non-union, you have no protection here unless you complain about illegal discrimination to him or to someone else in management with the authority to take action.

posted by Janet L. Heins  |  Apr 21, 2007 11:15 AM [EST]

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