Emotional Distress

Suing for emotional distress has been suggested to me by some family members and this is why I email you today. My employer provides an onsite daycare. I'm a young (26)single parent of a 3 yr old boy who attends the daycare. My son has attended the daycare since Aug. 2002 but has been with his current teacher since he turned 3yrs old in Feb.2003 (this room consits of 3-5yr olds) One day while picking up my son recently I asked his teacher how he had done and the teacher informally suggested, without any kind of written/document reasons, that I should consider having my son tested for ADHD. This had never been brought to my attention before. My son has only been in this womans care for less than four months. I walked away from the brief discussion shocked. I asked everyone I could think of if they thought the same and all suggested that she was out of her mind. My son is merely acting like a 3 yr old boy. Since then I have not been the same parent. I don't know if on days when the teacher states my son was displined whether or not it was because maybe my son was just being a 3 yr old and wasn't interested in doing a 5 yr old activity. I'm now constantly watching over my son and monitoring activites to see if I can read into why she might have made that suggestion. I'm afraid to stress my concerns over this because I'm afraid of losing the benefit of having my son near me, the reasonable price given, and I'd hate to feel like my job would be in jeopardy if I stressed a dislike with the Corporate daycare. I did meet with HR and the director of the daycare and teacher but nothing was resolved only that they would work with my by giving me a daily report on my child. I didn't sign any forms or any documentation that a meeting took place that as well felt informal. Any suggestions would be helpful. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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Margaret A. Harris

What you have written does not lead me to believe that you would prevail were you to file a lawsuit. You would do best to maintain communications with the teacher and the director of the day care, and to keep observing and working with your son. Employer-provided day care is not common and I understand your desire to not lose the benefit, although you also have a right to interact with the teacher and day care director. Have you asked the teacher to explain the basis of the opinion? Have you looked for websites of organizations involved in the issue of ADD? Perhaps there are sources of information that would be of benefit to you in understanding what ADD is -- and is not, and that will help you assess for yourself whether a consultation with a doctor would be in order.

posted by Margaret A. Harris  |  Jun 11, 2003 09:33 AM [EST]

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