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Do i have a legal lawsuit

I was fired because i reported harassment on the job i went back and forth through my chain of commands still nothing was done i was continully harassed i wasn't getting anywhere through my employers so i called coporate office they told me the next time i felt like i was harassed to report to my dept. mgr. like i did before so i went back to my dept mgr the next i was harassed.i was in the office with my hr manager my supervisor and coporated office they ask me to resign my employment i did nothing wrong i was aware of some illegal activity being run on the production i couldn't participate because i am a christian it was a racist operation that i was aware of i wasn't discpline for anything nothing but they want me fired the last time i was in the office with my managers they fired me and ask me never return on the permises. i have a witness that work on the line with me that can talk on my behalf.

0 answers  |  asked Nov 30, 2010 2:39 PM [EST] in Race, National Origin  |  applies to South Carolina

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