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I am a certified medical assistant and was employed at Physicians Clinc of Spokane and was fired last Wednesday. They dismissed me stating that I was not fast enough and that I for stuff and my work relationship with my provider(ARNP Wos_Elledge) was ot any better then before the intervention with management. Last year I was having a hard time with the provider I worked for. She is very hard to please and according to her I could do nothing right. I went to my manager Emilia and talked with her about this. She had a meeting with the tree of us and we talked it out. I thought it would be better. Well it got worse. Eventially she wouldnt talk to me other then to tell me to do something. Other co-workers went to management to talk about the way I was treated and so the management decided to have a meeting with the ARNP. Management then told me that Wos-Elledge was told that she had to make it work and that they were not going to lose another MA because of her. And that I needed to try to make it work. Everything after that start to work better for about a month, then it started back up again. I tried to talk to management again and they said they are tired of hearing it and I had to make it work or leave. So I tried to make the best of and do my job. I started making mistakes because I was so worried about making mistakes and getting in trouble for them. that i would start making more. I went to my personal doctor and was put on antidepressants and ativan. I wasnt able to make it through the day alot of times with out taking an ativan because I was so worried about losing my job. I was the sole provider of my family and now we have no income coming in. So I believe it was ajustified worry. In my dismissal papers she stated that I was to slow (yet the lean coach who follows us to see if we need to work on or speed stated that I was fast at rooming my patients and did so in about 3-6 minutes). They also stated that I forgot what the provider told me to do (which is not true, I always wrote down everything I was told to do so I made sure it was done). They also stated that I hold a grudge and that the relationship with the ARNP I worked with wasnt working and I didnt try to make it work in not so many words. I did everything i could. I even bought her birthday presents that she never even thanked me for or acknowledge. I tried to talk with her every night before I left. I made sure she did not need anything else from me for the day and asked if she walked or drove ext. My co-workers all told me that she is the hardest to work for and that she went through many MAs before me and to watch my back. Becuase if she didnt like me they would fire me. I tried to find other work with the clinic as with a different provider but was unable too. Most of the problems started when the lection started up. The ARNP was for one party and made it know and when she asked me who I was voting for I replied and it was for the oposite party. Well the ARNP got extremely upset and stated to me that no MA of hers was going to vote that way. And that she was on the party committee also. I just blew it off as politics talk which I dont really get into. And then everything started. She started to critisize everything I did and even the food I ate. She would have little comments about the sugar content and that I was probably a diabetic, which I am not, but I am over weight. I recently got my personnel record from them and there was stuff in there I never said during meetings and I question some of the other comments in there as well. I am trying to file for unemployment but I dont think I will get it based on my file. Can you please tell me if there is anything I can do. I just want to get unemployment until I can find a job. I have over 20 resumes out there but I have a family to support and a morgage and car payment. I just want to pay my bills. Please any advise will be greatly appreciated.

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