Collecting from Employer Vaction Pay

I was terminated on 7/8/02 at the same time offered a job with the same company as an Independent Contractor. The amount I was offered was a flat $50 an hour, this was to cover hotel, food, cell phone, computer, gas, rental car, etc. I declined the offer after talking with a tax attorney who stated that I would be only making around $12 an hour.

The company now refuses to pay 2 weeks vaction ($2,500). (I have worked there for over a year). I know that another employee that was offered the same did receive one week that he earned.

I am also having problems concerning collecting my final pay and 1 expence check ($194).

Also, I have requested help getting a dentist bill paid ($695) by their insurance company. The accountant stated I have dential insurance and the company has been paying the premiums for my dential insurance. The company needs to contact the insurance company to get this corrected but is refusing to help.

The reason for termination was not explained in their letter. There was a pending threat that if we did not sign their Non-disclosure we would be terminated. The fact is that 1 employee did sign and he was terminated, 2 others did not sign and are still employed, and I was terminated.

The company seems to have singled me out and is making it dificult to collect what they owe me.

They have a history of firing all most every employee to prevent them from collecting un-employment. They should have records of every employee they have fired.(maybe?).

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Brian Pastor
I am Sorry

I cannot be of assistance due to my present caseload.

Brian Pastor

posted by Brian Pastor  |  Jul 26, 2002 4:45 PM [EST]

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