Charging vacation time for built in overtime day.

I am an exempt employee working a 12 hr shift schedule that results in working a 48 hr week every fifth week. My employer just recently announced that we would not get the extra 8 hours straight time pay for this day, and additionally if we take off on that day we will be charged 12 hrs vacation time vs. the previous 4 hrs that has been charged. We have been on the 12 hr shift since 1992 and have only been charged 4 hrs vacation time for this overtime day.

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Karen Fitzgerald
Overtime Day

It is difficult to determine if there is an overtime violation without more information, but it certainly appears thta there might be an overtime violation. You should contact an attorney who has experience in the FLSA area to review this for you to determine if there is an overtime violation.

Good luck!

Karen Fitzgerald

posted by Karen Fitzgerald  |  Mar 31, 2003 9:41 PM [EST]

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