Can my boss take discounts for clients out of my Commission

I am a licensed Hairstylist in Honolulu Hawaii I work on strictly commission base I have no benefits at all I left my job and I am in a labor dispute with the labor board regarding this Here it is I worked for 40 percent of my total gross services my boss takes 60 percent My boss decides that she wants to give a discount on my service but does not ask me Then she did not give me my full commission on the original price Instead she deducts the whole discount from my pay and said I can do what I want its my Salon Labor board here in Hawaii states that as long as she pays me minimum wage 625 per hour she can do what she wants I was hired at 40 percent therefore I feel she should have to pay me my full commission Basically I can bring up to 500 a day in services for the salon which I would receive 40 percent $200 BUT if my boss decides to give those services away for free then I get nothing but minimum wage 50 big difference and that's okay according to the Labor Board I feel this is not okay I did not sign up for minimum wage job Please help I am going to talk to labor board Monday morning The labor board told me the attorney general says my boss is not violating anything where are my rights as an employee Thank you

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Elbridge W. Smith
Do you have an actual contract or other writing documenting what your commission is, or is this only a "practice."

Try one of the other lawyers listed on the Hawaii NELA attorney referral web-page:

posted by Elbridge W. Smith  |  Jul 13, 2010 9:45 PM [EST]

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