I live in Florida and work a commission based job, my employer wants to deduct 5% of the commission for paperwork being done improperly and put you on probation. This would be for a 2 week period. Is this legal?

The commission is 50%. If you make a mistake on your paperwork like missing a receipt deduction or credit card fees they are planning on reducing your commission to 45% for 2 weeks and put you on a probationary period.

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Arthur Schofield
The employer can change the pay rate by deducting 5% if it wishes, but can do so only going forward. You then, in essence, have the ability to either accept those new terms or not by either continuing on, or not, with your employment. Hope this helps.

posted by Arthur Schofield  |  Oct 13, 2015 05:57 AM [EST]

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