Can i make up an unpaid 8hr FMLA day in the same week on sat or sun to have my 40hrs.

I have a son with cancer he goes for treatment every tuesday for roughly 6-8 hours at times other appointment or treatment take place changing this in to an all day event. My manager has change, i have a new manager thats change everything in other words said i can not make up my hours on sat or sun at all use your vac or sick time if you want 40hr week.I think that this is a violation within 40hrs guarauntee within the UNION agreement.

Also i'm guaraunteed 40hrs within a week starting on first day (Monday) ending (Sunday). FMLA is an unpaid day UNLESS I USE VAC OR SICK TIME i never had any problems working on a Sat or Sun to make up Tuesday (FMLA) day with my previous manager.

1 answer  |  asked Feb 4, 2012 2:11 PM [EST]  |  applies to Massachusetts

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Kevin McGann
Employers can require you to use sick or vacation time before using FMLA time. It sounds like you had an agreement with a former manager which your current manager won't do. This does not sound like a violation of FMLA to me.

It also sounds like you have a union contract which has some terms in it about a 40 hour week. Your union rep or union lawyer can look into that. Sorry, but I can't interpret what your Union contract says, and its up to the union to enforce it.

posted by Kevin McGann  |  Feb 5, 2012 2:48 PM [EST]

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