Can a employer terminate with providing accomendatiom after misleading me to return to work prematurely from Sdi due to lack of requested documents by doctors I have seen but provided legal requested from pcp who submitted my Sdi?

My employment was terminated after numerous attempts Harrasment and retaliation while suffering health disbilty lead me to go on unprotected Sdi due exhausting my time that year from PFL bonding and care of my fiancé; during the process of obtaining proper delays in filing Sdi the employer constantly try to employ to try using my absent as a volunteer quit my employment until I finally stopped by obtaining Sdi document received month after filing to showed proof but after used tactic of risk of employment for not being fmla on Sdi to misleading me to return to work premature to recovery and I did but started requesting for proof by PCP and I provided notice of return with no restriction to save my employment as a tactic; then requested another notice from a specialist who procedure of communication system delays and difficult to obtain any notice or message through chain of command to admin, nurse to doctor for any request or appointments to obtain proof. The employer gave unreasonable time deadlines after numouroes attempts of urgency and request explained to the specialist and told that no note can be provided or proof declaring why they won't honor my request to provide proof of a statement was too late even though I informed my employer the reason verbal they wanted documents and found a way to terminate me and now it's more then month still the the specialist delays and won't provide document for a discrimination case toward my employer which cause denial of unemloyment benifits and hardship. My question is who do I attempt to go after for wrongful termination in my complex case the harassing employer who found a loop who to terminate me or the specialist who lack and delayed not to provide any document which attributed to my termination? or both? Please inform me I need some assistance

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