Can I be fired for reporting my supervisor to upper management?

I was previosly contacted from HR in regards to a previous complaint against my manager and I was afraid to speak due to retaliation. It's been some months and now she is coming at me the wrong way, I was never properly trained and I've told her and her manager as well. She is coming to me in regards to my work not being done correctly. I went to her manager and told her could I be moved under a different manager. I agreed to stay under her but, I was going to be working with her on how to talk to people. Well now I've been getting audits every week and each one has came back wrong. I tell them that the information is in there correctly and I go back and verify and it is correct. I email her manager to let her know and she is okay I see it now. My audits are not reviewed correctly. Now I was told that I am on a probation period well I am not allowed to be late,call off, and have 100% on all audits. I was also adviced by my manager and her manager that I should apply for FMLA. Once my meeting was over my manager approached me with a letter which stated thank you for applying for FMLA but it's been denied at this time because who have not been here for a 12 month period. I never did apply for FMLA or gave her consent to do so. I know from other co-workers that she's been reported to HR in the past but nothing ever gets done.

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