As a physical therapist in MA, can a non-compete agreement be enforced against me?

I am a physical therapist who works for a contract company/staffing agency (a company that I am an employee of that provides different temporary work sites). I am paid by this company and am a full time employee (they bill the site and then pay me, I am never a direct employee of the sites).

I would like to apply to work directly for the site I am at now to become their permanent employee. I believe I signed a non-compete agreement that states I cannot work directly as a full time employee for the site I am at. I am wondering if I will be held accountable.

I have heard that this topic has recently been in court and was proposed to get passed around Jan. 1, 2010. If known, when will there be an expected final outcome to this issue? Also, what is the status of this issue legally? I have read about nurses, doctors and social workers, but specifically how does this apply to Physical Therapists?

Thank you for your time

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