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We are at loss here. Hopefully you can inform us. My husband was hired by a company in Idaho. We moved our family there and within 6 months my husband was fired. He (husband) was CFO and asked the CEO about gambling expenses on his company credit card, after being notified by the bank that CEO's credit card was being used for gambling and it could break the bank. He Fired my husband and the reason given was type error (1) on a report written up by his secretary. We contacted the Board of Trustees to inform them of the situation and ask for their assistance. They had told my husband to watch the CEO's spending. They wrote back stating it was okay (CEO) has gambled funds before and he has always paid them back. CEO also tried to get my husband arrested for bogus charges. Since dismissed. My husband during the short time with this company knows many wrongful and illegal things done by the CEO. We had to take out bankruptcy and we lost everything monetarily.
(250k home,cars,5th wheel,boat,truck,retirements,nice lifestyle and community) not to mention emotionally. He was unemployeed for 5 mo.. After the discharge of the bankruptcy we sold almost everything to get moved back to Utah. We have since been notified that the Board of Trustee's have fired the CEO and are pursuing him legally. They have contacted us through an attorney and want my husbands help. We don't know what to do. We don't have anything and can't really afford an attorney.Are we obligated to help. Does it seem like something is wrong in this and do we have any recourse? I know also that the Federal Athorities have been involved. Does this situation fall under any wrongful termination, defamation cases. Any help would be great. If so how do we find someone willing to help? maybe on contingency basis. Do we find an attorney in UT or Id ?

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Jann L. Farris
Jann Farris Esq.

Neil, you are not bound to cooperate with your old employer. If you decide to cooperate they will be responsible to compensate you for your time, travel, etc.
I would like to know if you moved to Idaho to take the job under an employment contract. This could be a good time to negotiate some compensation from your old employer for your cooperation in this case. if you email me at I will give you a free phone consultation. I am a Utah attorney.

posted by Jann L. Farris  |  May 22, 2002 12:16 PM [EST]

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