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Does an employer that utilizes an alternative work schedule of 4 days 10 hours/day work week have the right to require an employee currently working this schedule to permanently change his schedule to a traditional 5 day 8 hour/day work week? Can the employee claim a hardship if moving to a traditional 5 day work week incurs additional childcare costs?

1 answer  |  asked Sep 7, 2001 2:24 PM [EST]  |  applies to California

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Todd Schneider
Alternative Work Schedule

Assuming that you are not a unionized employee, there is generally nothing to prevent your employer from requiring that you change your schedule. Further, there is no provision in California law that would enable you to claim "hardship" assuming that your child does not suffer from a disability.

This a general answer to your question based on the facts that you gave me. I have not been able to give you a definitive opinion as to whether your employer has broken the law because I need more information to do so.

If you want to contact me for more detailed information, please do so.


posted by Todd Schneider  |  Sep 7, 2001 2:56 PM [EST]

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