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Hiring a Competitor's Employee
My Employment Lawyer answers frequently asked questions about the risks involved in hiring employees who have non-competition agreement with a competitor or had access to a competitor's trade secrets....

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Can they enforce my Non-compete if they Fired Me?
Non-competition agreements hit fired employees particularly hard, especially when the employer fires the employee without warning or cause. Non-competes hits fired employees with a second whammy, a ba... applies to All States

Overview of U.S. Non-competition Agreements
A non-competition agreement, also know as a covenant not to compete, is a promise by an employee not to compete with his or her employer for a specified time, in a particular place or in a particular ... applies to All States

Enforcing Non-competition Agreements after the Sale of a Business
If an employer with non-competition agreements sells its business to a new buyer, the buyer does not necessarily acquire the old employer's/seller's rights in its non-competition agreements. The buyer... applies to All States

List of Employment Law FAQs
Non-competition Severance pay Retaliation Sexual harassment Family leave Discrimination Wrongfully accused Overtime Tax Issues in Settlements Healthy Families Act Smoke free workplace Ohio non-compete... applies to All States

Physician non-competition agreements in Michigan
Michigan non-competition agreement law states that an employer may protect an employer's reasonable competitive business interests, but its protection in terms of duration, geographical scope, and the... applies to Michigan

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Question on a Unique Non Competition Agreement
I have a Non Competition Agreement with my Employer "XYZ" and i am working for a customer based out of Allentown,PA 1) It states "The Agreement shall be Constructed in accordance with the Laws of the ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  3 answers

desperate to get out of non-compete clause
Regarding my signing of the Fair Competition Covenant; If I have been "written up" twice this year (third meaning termination of employment), do I not have a right to search for another position with ... applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Is a non-competition breach clause in an equity agreement enforceable as non-competition agreement?
While I worked for a firm based in AL (I live and worked in NC) I signed and hold an equity agreement. One clause listed as possible breeches is considered competiting against them until the end of th... applies to Alabama  ·  1 answer

Can I refuse to sign a non-compete agreement because the "competition" is undefined?
The employer is in a fairly niche segment of a broader field, but defines itself (in other official documents) as being in competition with the much broader field, which isn't necessarily accurate. Th... applies to South Dakota  ·  0 answers

Does termination void a non-competition?
I was recently terminated without any reasonable cause and was wanting to know if my non-competition agreement is still valid. applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

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