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Question on a Unique Non Competition Agreement
I have a Non Competition Agreement with my Employer "XYZ" and i am working for a customer based out of Allentown,PA 1) It states "The Agreement shall be Constructed in accordance with the Laws of the ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  3 answers

desperate to get out of non-compete clause
Regarding my signing of the Fair Competition Covenant; If I have been "written up" twice this year (third meaning termination of employment), do I not have a right to search for another position with ... applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Is a non-competition breach clause in an equity agreement enforceable as non-competition agreement?
While I worked for a firm based in AL (I live and worked in NC) I signed and hold an equity agreement. One clause listed as possible breeches is considered competiting against them until the end of th... applies to Alabama  ·  1 answer

Can I refuse to sign a non-compete agreement because the "competition" is undefined?
The employer is in a fairly niche segment of a broader field, but defines itself (in other official documents) as being in competition with the much broader field, which isn't necessarily accurate. Th... applies to South Dakota  ·  0 answers

Does termination void a non-competition?
I was recently terminated without any reasonable cause and was wanting to know if my non-competition agreement is still valid. applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Non-competition contract & courts
Do the courts in the state of NY re-draw non-competition contracts they find to be too broad so they can be enforceable or do they simply deem them void? applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Non-competition clause still valid?
Hello, I signed a 1 year non-competition clause in an employment contract. The duration of the contract was "4 months with option to extend". I have now been with the client for 18 months, have not fo... applies to California  ·  2 answers

Can I enact a non-competition agreement with a 1099 contractor?
I am in the process of getting ready to hire a commission-only salesperson (1099 employee) for my business, but I am having a difficult time understanding whether or not I can enact and enforce a non-... applies to Washington  ·  0 answers

Non Competition clause
My wife has a job offer with a comodity trading company...she currently works for a Hedge Fund company...the two businesses do not do the same thing...Can they hold her to the Non competition clause? applies to Wisconsin  ·  1 answer

Competition without any non-compete clause
Dear Mel: I have worked for a local computer repair company for about 8 months. I never signed a non-competition agreement of any kind. My former boss kept demanding that I buy him out as he has moved... applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Non-Competition Contract under old company name.
When hired I was asked to sign a Non-Competition contract. When reviewing it I noticed it had the name of the company 3 buyers ago. I asked about the name stating I didn't work for Company X - I was w... applies to South Carolina  ·  0 answers

Is a non-competition agreement voided if the employer terminates the employee?
An employee who had a non-competition agreement was terminated by her employer. The employer informed her that she could not seek employment in her professional field for the one year term of the agre... applies to Rhode Island  ·  0 answers

Does a non compete agreement also protect the employee?
After leaving a company that I have a non competition agreement with, I opened my own business doing the same thing as my previous employer outside the geographic restriction. The previous employer is... applies to Nevada  ·  0 answers

Is non-compete I signed to get Chap 11 reorg approval enforceable if I convert the case to Chap 7?
My company received Chapter 11 Reorganization approval with the stipulation that I, the owner, sign a non-competition agreement with my company. The company is still struggling and I can potentially b... applies to Maine  ·  0 answers

If i am involved in a class action suit against my employer for loss wages does the non competition claus still count
I received a notice about a class action suit against my employer that I am named in and due to be compensated. So i want to know if the class action suit dissolves the non competition applies to California  ·  0 answers

Can a non competition agreement be enforced if signed in the USA but I will work in Europe?
I gave in April my company notice of my resignation effective end of August. My company then told me that I get paid two more weeks and they enforce my non-competition until end of August. Until the e... applies to Massachusetts  ·  0 answers

What is a Reasonable Duration for a Non-competition and Non-solicitation Agreement?
The decision I'm facing is in regards to an editorial contract as an independent contractor. Under non-competition and nonsolicitation, the contract reads that "for a period of five years following [a... applies to Georgia  ·  0 answers

Can an employer legally enforce a non-competition statement in their company policies when an actual non-compete agreement was never signed?
I've never signed a non-compete agreement per se, but my company does have a policy in its handbook regarding non-competition and I probably signed an acknowledgement of receiving the handbook and res... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Former NPO director creates competing NPO - legal w/out non-compete agreement?
The former director of a non-profit trade school helped launch said school as the only school of its kind in the Midwest. And it was....until he was released from the position of director of this scho... applies to Michigan  ·  0 answers

How can I get out of a non-competition agreement?
My friend was muscled into signing a non-competition agreement about a week ago at a blue-collar firm that does fire damage restoration. She has recent back problems, and this company is treating her ... applies to Indiana  ·  0 answers

Non-compete anti-competitive?
I signed a non-compete agreement with my employer, an ad agency, (Agency A) and was later laid off due to economic conditions. The non-compete forbids me from servicing or soliciting former clients fo... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

My competition which I never worked for forged my name on a non compete,
I started a business with a partner, we were off to a great start. Our competition was getting pushed out of our area. I recieved a call from my competition yelling at me stating we were in his area, ... applies to Minnesota  ·  0 answers

re: competition clause and not receiving prompt or correct pay.
I have worked since august 30th, 2004 as a nurse practitioner for a health care company. there is a non-compete clause in my contract that i cannot see the patients for a year. the company is currentl... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Is my employment contract, namely non-competition clause, still valid?
I am a veterinarian in New York. I have worked for my current employer since February 2005. My employment contract specifies a non-competition clause for a 50 mile radius lasting 3 years from the end ... applies to New York  ·  0 answers

Is my non-competition restrictive covenant enforceable?
I am a residential property manager with a real estate brokerage in Hampton Roads (southside). I am unhappy w/ my current company & am being recruited by another real estate brokerage. I just realized... applies to Virginia  ·  0 answers

What is indirect competition?
Until recently, I had worked as a practitioner for the same employer for a period of ten years. Shortly after my original hire date, I did sign a non-compete agreement which prohibited both "direct an... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  3 answers

Non-competition Case
I've worked with company A as sales person. President made me sign non-disclosure/non-competition agreement after I've started working for a week. I was badly treated and sexually harassed at occasion... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Did I sign a Non-Compete?
My offer letter from my current work contained this: "This offer of employment is contingent upon your execution of a non-competition, non- solicitation and confidentiality agreement, prior to commenc... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

What is considered fair geographical coverage
Small flooring company <2000000 demanding lack of competition in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana when they only work in Florence Ky area and Lexington, Cincinnati Oh and Indianapolis IN applies to Kentucky  ·  0 answers

I was offered a job w non competition
It states that I may not work in any field that could be considered a competitor for 6 mos. regardless of the reason of separation. This would make me unemployable in my field. Would I be eligible for... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  0 answers

Non-compete with job offer - does it restrict me working for a customer
I have a job offer with a non-compete clause attached. The job is working for an overseas manufacturer who supplies mechanical components to manufacturing companies worldwide. Company US headquarters ... applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

employment agreemnt
My company is based in Dallas, Texas I am based in Ohio. They were purchased on Nov 12 by another company with an HQ in California but is a VA corporation. They have asked me to sign a non-compete. Th... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Late Pay and Covenent Not to Compete
My employer is more then two months late in giving me my last paycheck before my layoff. They don't dispute that they owe me the money they just need "some more time". I would prefer to open my own bu... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Is it legal? Is this discrimnation?
I applied at a Figaro's in my town, Owner at Figaro's wont hire me.. He says it's because of "competition" With the fact my father and older sister working at other restraunts in the same town. Is thi... applies to Oregon  ·  0 answers

Can I be terminated from a company I worked at for 3 years for taking a second job
I am a single mother and I was not making enough money to support my family so I took a second job at another restaurant right down the road. I am being terminated for working for the competition even... applies to Florida  ·  2 answers

Is the non-compete clause in the contract I signed valid and enforceable
I work form home in a full-time salaried position for a research company. They also hire some peers on a project basis. They are moving into an office late this year. My husband moved out of state for... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Non-Competition After Hiring
Hello, I have been working for a company for one year now and now I am asked to sign a non-compete. Does Arizona law find such contracts legitimate when I have been working for the company for some ti... applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Is this non-compete enforceable?
I have been working ofr a firm based in Stamford, Ct for last 5 years. For the last 2 years I have been working from home office in Roselle, IL. I have been working on IT Security project for a partic... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Help! I work for an Ohio based company in Indiana. I had to sign a non-competition agreement. If this company loses their Indiana contract and is replaced by another similar company, can I not work fo... applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

getting out of a non-compete agreement.
I have a non compete agreement working for an Executive Search Firm. I do not believe that I have any proprietary information or any "trade secrets" that need protecting. Executive Search firms are a ... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Non-Compete only for Employer/Employee?
Hello - I plan to purchase items from a wholesaler in CA for retail resale on a major internet auction (I am located in TX). It has been recommended that I require the wholesaler to enter into a "non ... applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

Does it violate a non-compete to ask former clients for a recommendation?
My non-compete has a clause stating, "Employee will not directly or indirectly Canvass, solicit or accept from any "Clients" any business in competition..." Does this prohibit me from asking any of th... applies to Wisconsin  ·  0 answers

If an employment contract expires, is the non-competition agreement still valid?
If an employment contract has been expired for several months and a new one has not been presented to sign, would the non-compete agreement still be valid if the employee decides to open their own pra... applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Is a non-compete contract enforceable in case of forced resignation (demotion, salary cut, etc)
Having worked for a company for several years. Can a non-compete contract signed after after a few years of employment for the company stop anyone from working for competition (in any way or form), Sp... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

I signed a non-compete, its a special scenerio and I need to know my options.
It has been 14 months since I signed a 2 year non-compete clause in Ohio. The old telecom company sold many different products (wireless, T1, internet, phone equipment, lighting, etc.) only one of whi... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

I signed a non-compete clause for a company that has a competitor that has made me an offer. The job offered has nothing to do with the business the previous company was in. Secondly, I was asked to s... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

I am looking to start my own business. I have a non compete agreement. I know i am legally able to start my own business and gather new clients, however, i would like to use a few of the clients whose relationship was forged through my efforts. These clie
Does the non compete still apply after my previous employer was fired? After I left, the clients no longer wanted his services and terminated his contract. Which made me realize how good I was at what... applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

Is my 1 year non-compete enforceable
I work for a staffing agency and have a non-compete that says I’m restricted from working in the US in competition with my current employer for a period of 12 months. I’m based in New York and in ... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

My employer wants to bind me under non-compete without any benefits from their side. It is simply one sided which let them free me with 2 weeks notice, 3 years non compete after I resign or they decide to leave me, no compensation during non compete perio
I am with the company since one year on their USA payroll as I immigrated to USA. Before that, I was on their UAE company payroll for more than 7 years. Recently, I am asked to sign a non compete wher... applies to Arizona  ·  0 answers

Physicians and the non compete clause
I am a physician that was terminated because of fear of competition. I opened a Saturday clinic over 20 blocks away from the clinic I was employed at because I was losing patients due to the primary o... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Being on call 24/7, should i be getting compensation or bonuses?
I work at an emergency flood damage company where one week per month I am required to be on call 24/7. The company does not provide a phone or a vehicle to take home for being on call. They also do no... applies to Washington  ·  0 answers

Is this non-competition contract legal?
I have worked for this company for less than a month. I have provided all my own supplies and knowledge. the owner is making me loose money by restricting what I can do but did not do so before the co... applies to Florida  ·  2 answers

IL non-compete legality
We have recieved a new non-compete that we are required to sign by the end of the day. They included a specific list of companies that would prohibit us working for these companies for a period of 12 ... applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

Competition for a machine tool company
I have a one year non compete. I want to set up my own machine shop which will be competing against my employer after one year. Its going to take me one year to set the business up (ordering machines ... applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Non-compete After Employment Agreement Expires
Mel, I signed an Employment Agreement in 1/1/01. The "Employment Period" was defined as two years and expired in 1/1/03. I still work for the company, but I have not signed another Employment Agreemen... applies to Massachusetts  ·  2 answers

Slander in the office
Two employees that work for a private company which I also work at are slandering me in and out of the work place. They claim that I leaked pertinent information to a vender allowing competition into ... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

I signed an A.E.A. with a former employer with a Non-compete clause. Want to know my rights.
I have worked in the same industry for 25 years. I signed an A.E.A. with an employer that recently let me go,not in any breach of the signed agreement. The non-compete clause in the A.E.A. outlines th... applies to Illinois  ·  0 answers

is a Non-compete contract required in AZ?
I am a health care provider looking to resign my employment at a subspecialty firm, to work for a hospital-based group that is not related to that subspecialty or its type of care provided. My contrac... applies to Arizona  ·  0 answers

Use of business emails after resigning without signing a non competition clause
I have recently left a business that is an acting studio in NYC. I did not sign a non-competiion agreement or ever agree to one verbally. Do I have the right to use the email addresses and phone numbe... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Hi, I recently settled with my employer, however I recently went for another job and the interviewer had done some background checks (as they do) and they have managed to un cover reasons I settled. He has given me 2 sources, of which both still work from
settled with. Is there a way of proving breach of contract? We came to an agreement as the company found me in breach of Competition law...In short there was a no of emails which I was unfortunately C... applies to Washington  ·  0 answers

Can I be sued for taking clients from a prior employer?
I have recently left my job, which was in the accounting field. A non-competition agreement was never signed between myself and my employer. I have now started up my own business. My previous employer... applies to Utah  ·  0 answers

Is my employer required to honor promises made in writing on job offer letters?
My job offer letter indicated that I was supposed to receive a review on July 17th, 2008. It is now August 3rd, 2009 and I have yet to receive my review despite my attempts at reminding my employer of... applies to Massachusetts  ·  1 answer

I have a 50 mile 2 year non-compete as a chiropractor in Central Illinois. Will it hold at 43 miles
Non Compete Question: My clause states that I may not practice chiropractic or work as an agent of another chiropractor within 50 miles of Bloomington-Normal, IL. (from memory but, if I’m correct, v... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Is my non-compete valid if client no longer contracts with my employer?
My non-competition agreement states that I cannot work for a client of my employer (we'll call it Client A) if I performed work for that client in the 12 months prior. If I leave my company, and Clien... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

did not know of non-compete until first day of work
I went to work for a company with a salry agreed upon with no mention of any typoe of contract or non-compete. The first day I show up and a contract is put in front of me to sign. In it is a non-comp... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Is a non-competition contract enforcable for a PRN employee
I am a PRN employee in the medical field. I work for a small business. I was told I had to sign a non-comptete agreement in order to obtain employement. As this is a PRN job and thus I am not promised... applies to Tennessee  ·  0 answers

CALIFORNIA NDA / NON DISCLOSURE agreement signed under duress in 2015.. Legal? Enforceable?
Mel, I signed an NDA/ non competition clause under duress last year in Aug 2015. The company i accepted an offer letter for the job w/o any mention of said NDA and then they sprung it on me the first ... applies to California  ·  0 answers

Can my current vendor enforce Non Competition actions against me?
I am a IT consultant working on corp. to corp. basis through vendor at the client. My contract agreement dated back in 2006 for my first Purchase Order restricted me for working for the same client fo... applies to Connecticut  ·  0 answers

Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
I worked for "Company A" and was contracted to work for "Company B". Company B wanted to hire me as a full time employee and informed Company A of their intent. After receiving the offer letter from C... applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Can a recruitment agency enforce its non-compete clause on previous employer and me if I move to CA?
I was hired by a recruitment/placement agency that placed me with a software company. Originally, I worked as a permanent contractor and was going to be hired full-time with the company, and at that p... applies to New York  ·  0 answers

Non Compete agreement and bonus
Hi, I'm located in Western VA and have a general question regarding a noncompete agreement. I was hired in 2015 for my position in sales and with this, I had to sign a NCA. In my offer letter, there i... applies to Virginia  ·  0 answers

7 months AFTER accepting employment?
I have been working for a tool and die shop for the last 7 months. I am the information technology administrator and provide strictly computer and IT support. When I accepted the position, there was n... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

When can a Non Compete by put in place
I work for a Firm in Virginia and live in Alabama, i have been there 3 years. my Boss recently sent me a Non Competition / Trade secrets Contract. Where i have a issue is when i went there they did 99... applies to Alabama  ·  0 answers

Does statement in offer letter bound to non-compete agreement
My offer letter which I signed when I was hired stated the following: "We are happy to offer you a position under the following conditions: Acceptance of the conditions in the attached Confidential In... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Non competition valid after 11yrs service?
I signed a Employment Agreement with a Non Compete clause in 1997. The company was one of the holding companys of the US parent. Since then the Parent has split itself into many holding companies, sol... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

4 sentence non-compete. How valid is this?
My non-compete is exactly as follows: "12. Restriction on post employment competition. For a period of (1-1/2) years after the end of employment, the employee shall not control, consult to be employed... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Refusing to sign non-compete - wrongful termination?
3 years ago, I came from a long employment situation (business closed) to a new company and brought many longtime customers and the resulting business. That's why I was hired. First employment agreeme... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

does a change in job dutied void a non-compete?
I signed a non-compete as a Manager of Business Development, which meant my job duties were 100% sales-oriented and my commissions were reflective of my sales efforts. Due to market changes in 2004, m... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

It's been 14 years since I signed a non compete agreement in Ohio is it possible for the ex employer to come after me if I violated it. Two years before I signed it I went to business for self in the same field.
In 2000 I joined in a partnership in direct competition with my employer, I was told he was moving to Florida and shutting this company down and starting a new company not related to what we were sell... applies to Ohio  ·  0 answers

how enforceable is my non-compete/non-solicitation/confidentiality agreement?
After leaving company A because it was a hostile/toxic workplace, I have been looking for a job for several months. Company B has offered me a position with their company and while what they do overla... applies to New Jersey  ·  0 answers

Non-Compete Agreement and Forming Company in Direct Competition
I worked for a company that developed software where I was solely responsible for the design and implementation of one large component of their product. I signed a non-compete agreement mid-employment... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Govt contract - did not have a teaming agreement and the "partner" stole it, any relief?
I found the "perfect" contract - my first one to bid on for the Fed. A company that I had talked to for about quite some time - with no experience in the type of work/skills was supposed to be HELPING... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Calling on new customers and not established clients
I have worked in residential security sales for a number of years. My question concerning the non-compete I had to sign is this; since my customers with my former company were a one time sale, and the... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Am I overthinking this non-compete clause?
On Monday, I accepted an offer as a full-time marketing director for a small, privately-owned company that has existed for 20+ years. Today, the company sent me an "Employee Assignment of Inventions a... applies to Oregon  ·  0 answers

If I refuse to sign a non-compete contract and get fired can I still collect unemployment benefits?
I have been employed at my current company for over a year. I work in fine jewelry sales as a sales associate in a privately owned jewelry store. My company recently decided to draft and force us to s... applies to New York  ·  0 answers

How can I get my former employer to waiver my non-compete?
I was layed off in April 2008 by my former employer. In June 2010 I asked them to waiver my non-compete which I would then resign and take employment elsewhere. They declined, claiming that I have tra... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Can I ask for shorter notice period than specified in non-compete agreement if not competing?
I was asked to sign a non-compete agreement with my current employer. It requires 3 months notice period with possibly another 3 months before I can work for an competitor. The scope is related to any... applies to New York  ·  0 answers

is my non-compete enforceable
Hello, my company was recently acquired, and I was asked to again sign my non-compete, as the original was supposedly lost. The non-compete carries over to the new company. The specifics of the non-co... applies to Massachusetts  ·  1 answer

Non-compete Suit
I recently left a local bank where I worked for 1 1/2 years as a mortgage loan officer. I was hired to work in the Huntley branch and was told when a position became available to work in an area close... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Is this non-compete clause applicable to my case
My case Company X used to hold my H1B visa is a consulting Co I got a project through A which presented me to B as his employee, then B presented me to C as his employee,C is prefered vendor to client... applies to Kansas  ·  0 answers

Legal Actions by Employer?
I have a friend who doesn't speak English who signed an agreement entitled "Independent Contractor, Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreement." She works for a cleaning service and is not at all a... applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

Is non-comp agreement enforcible (manual labor)...
I work for company "X" that has contracts to provide assembly services for several retail establishments. You, as a retail customer would purchase an item, then either you or the retail store would co... applies to California  ·  1 answer

I was the only internal candidate interviewed for a promotion. The CEO asked me only two questions. One was how did you lose all that weight? The second was about how I increased sales a a particular store. I feel I was disqualified from the job based on
Details: two years employed as a retail district manager. Prior experience includes higher level positions as a director and as a regional manager. A rare opening occurred for a regional manager and I... applies to Texas  ·  0 answers

I have proof they are giving negative comments from the job I hired to prove their negat
I have been a very good employee for a very good friend of mine for the past 10 years. I don't have medical/dental benefits. I began a job search, my employer (friend knew of this, I had nothing to hi... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Can I go before a judge myself to Blue pencil an agreement?
I was employed for 17 years with a Construction Labor Leasing Company. I was recruited by their largest national competitor. After 5 months of employment, I was terminated due to a FALSE annonymous "w... applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

Restriction on Postemployment Competition.
A clause in my contract states: ------------------- For three years after termination the employee shall not, within a 200 mile radius of the Company's metropolitan marketing areas and/or present plac... applies to West Virginia  ·  1 answer

How to work around a non compete clause
Hi, I'm currently employed by Company A (Indian entity of a US based company) and in the US on a H1 visa (state IL) and I have a non compete clause in my employment letter which goes as below. During ... applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

I have to sign an NDA agreement along with a non-compete agreement on Monday for a new career in biotechnology in Cambridge, MA. Can I post the clause here and are there things I should discuss before I sign?
Non-competition; Non-solicitation: During the Business Relationship and for a period of one year thereafter; the Employee shall not, directly or indirectly, engage or participate in any way in any com... applies to Massachusetts  ·  0 answers

Can I go before a court without an attorney to blue pencil a Non-Compete Agreement?
NOTE: I AM WILLING TO PAY A SMALL FEE FOR GOOD, USEABLE INFORMATION. I was employed for 17 years with a Construction Labor Leasing Company. I was recruited by their largest national competitor. After ... applies to Florida  ·  0 answers

Breach or try to get fired?
I work at a automotive company for over a year now and I of course signed a Non Competition agreement under the job description of a File Clerk, but now I work in Accounts Receivables and I am also a ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

no non-compete
I recently ended my 2 1/2 year employment with a title abstracting company. I have been working with a real estate settlement company part-time for the past 5 months as well. I have never signed and h... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

specified or implied non-compete for mobilized reservists?
Background: Several years ago I worked at a consulting firm. At that time, the company did not have a non-compete policy, nor did I have an non compete agreement with them. I was involuntarily mobiliz... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Is this non-compete valid?
My employer, for whom I have worked for over 2 years, just today presented me with an employment agreement to sign. Most of the terms are fine, but in the section on non-competition, I have some conce... applies to Maryland  ·  0 answers

I am interested in working for a competitor but I want to know if I can after signing the non-compet
I signed an "Employee Confidentiality Invention Assignment and Restrictive Covenant Agreement" before I started work. I am interested in working for a competitor but I want to know if I can. I was onl... applies to North Carolina  ·  0 answers

Non-Compete Question
I moved to PA a little over two years ago and was hired by a company that is in distribution. One of the conditions of hire was to sign a non-compete agreement. I had lived in another state for the pr... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Want to know the limits of companies I can accept offers with given a non-compete clause.
I was never given a copy, but got one from a laid off employee. The non-compete says for 18 months I can't become an employee of any business in competition with or similar to my company (software dev... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Non Compete in Mass
I was recently terminated from my position w/ my company. I was forced to sign a non compete as part of my employment agreement. I have included the 2 most relevant sections of my Key Employment Agree... applies to Massachusetts  ·  1 answer

unique medical field non compete - is it enforceable?
dear MEL, thank you creating this website and allowing me to post my question. i am a certified health care practitioner. trying to pull myself out of a dead end job in a deep south state, i found a "... applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

Need help to navigate through this workplace negativity
Hello there, I am here with some hope for the relief from the stress. I will be very thankful for your help and time. I have a very strange competition going within me. Should I fight for the truth or... applies to New Jersey  ·  0 answers

Illegal Discrimination or not?
I am a 47 years old male "person of color". I have worked as a technical manager for the past 7 years for a large public utility company in an office located in a "at will" state. Last year my company... applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Can I work for the same client under non-competition in California
I am an employee of CXX under H1 visa and working for client X in California. I want to know if taking up employment with a competitor named CYY to work for the same client X is illegal and my current... applies to California  ·  0 answers

Can I work for another contract rehab agency & be placed at the same location as my current agency?
I am currently working for a Contract Rehab Services agency that is based in MA as a Contract PT. They placed me in a facility in E. Providence. Originally I was supposed to be doing Early interventio... applies to Massachusetts  ·  0 answers

Competition/trade secret issues
Dear Mel, Your site has proved to be most informative and I thank you for that. I'd like to map out my situation for you as succinctly as possible in hopes that you can provide me with some general ad... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Non compete agreement
I am considering a job opportunity and my future employer is asking me to sign the following non-compete agreement. My question is can you review the agreement and let know how strong is the agreement... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Non-competite clause in new job offer
I sell products to salons and am considering leaving my current job to go to a competitor. The new job is requiring me to sign a non-compete. This would prohibit me from working for any other company ... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Is a non compete clause valid if the company has been purchased bysomeone else but the name is same?
Is a non compete clause valid if a previous company has been purchased since separation. A non compete clause was signed at the time of employment. The clause signed was for two years. The company has... applies to Kansas  ·  1 answer

need a lawyer expert in medical contracts
I am a cardiologist who is planning to leave my group and work with a local hospital..I have bee with my group for 2 and1/2 original contract ended in september, 2002.we never signed a renewa... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

If the company is under new ownership, is the non-compete agreement signed previously still valid?
I signed a non-compete agreementand the ownership changed 4 years later. The previous owner is still the acting President but not the majority owner. Work conditions have changed, the business is decl... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Can I fight the non complete clause
My employer provided an offer letter thting tht I would make up 10 10% each quarter and 20% at year end. I have been meeting my goals however the compnay had paid very few bonuses and never at the agr... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

noncompete legal?
I recently went for a job interview and got the job, with another company that offers me 1 1/2x the salary that my current employer pays me. My current boss threatened me with saying he will take lega... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Is the noncompete still enforcable for nursing?
I worked as a nurse for a home health agency and one day, after being there for 10 months, my employeer asked me to sign a noncompete clause or be terminated. I was still terminated within a week. As ... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Geographic Limitation
I will be freelancing and my non-compete from a previous employer has a geographic limit of 60 miles. Does this apply to where I live, where the client is located or both? In other words, if my client... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

I had a restrictive covenant, but expired 2 years ago. A clause in the agreement states I cannot go
customers that were sold to them in the original agreement. Some customers have contacted me tha they are very unhappy with their service the are getting from th new firm. I had sold a very small fuel... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Company is strong arming recruiting companies from hiring people with their certifications.
I've been working at a large HealthCare organization (we'll call it organization X) that's in the process of implementing a new electronic medical records system. This company has hired me as an at wi... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Is my non-compete covenant valid?
I am a journalist with a job in Connecticut, but I would like to take a job at a competitor in New York. The thing is, I pretty naively signed a non-compete covenant when beginning my job. There are s... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

After 33 years of employment and shareholdership, I am being asked to sign an employment agreement
I am employed by an old company (1933) that has been through several different types of ownership including a management buyout 25 years ago, and the creation of an ESOP 6 years ago. We have a new pre... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Can a non-compete be enforced if I have been demoted?
I originally signed a non-compete when I was involved in the Engineering department and had almost daily contact with customers and was very involved with development of pricing strategy and process d... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Layoff Voiding My Non-Compete
My employer may be laying me off due to lack of clients and work. My non-compete states that I will not do business in the area that might compete with my current employer. If I get layed off as state... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Can my employer sue me over a non-compete agreement
I was hired as a sales manager and signed a non-comptete agreement by my current employer. After 1 year my employer demoted me down to an entry level sales rep with 15 years experience behind me. They... applies to Connecticut  ·  1 answer

Parent corporation non compete agreement
I am currently working in a drafting position for a company which is owned by a large parent corporation. I have been there for less than a year and have not had any client contact. I signed a non com... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Can a general release override the terms of a Non-compete agreement?
The non-compete agreement states employement will continue indefinitely until terminated by either party with two weeks notice. I was laid off without any notice nor was payment made for the two weeks... applies to South Carolina  ·  1 answer

sales contractor non compete
I was subcontracted by a company to perform door-to-door solicitation for newspaper subscriptions. I signed a contract with a non-compete clause stating that for 2 years in PA I cannot work "directly ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Soliciting former employer's clients...
I work for a registered investment advisory firm in California, and I'm looking to either go to another firm or start my own firm. Here are the facts: 1) There is NO non-compete or employment agreemen... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Is a 10-yr & 100-mile radius of co borders unreasonable?
Insurance company contracted with me and paid me with a 1099 as an "independent contractor" but always provided office space, office equipment, local telephone service, told us how much insurance to s... applies to North Carolina  ·  1 answer

My employer is moving out of state
My current employer has decided to move out of state. I am not willing to do this, nor is it economically feasible at this time. Is my non-compete agreement still valid? applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Independent Contractor Non-Compete Agreement
First, Thank You for your time and reply. I am an independent 1099 health and life insurance agent. I would be working for the company in Illinois. I am considering employment with a Florida based ins... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

I am a veterinarian who was employed by another veterinarian. I signed a non-compete clause at the beginning of employment...due to a decrease in revenue he let me go. Is the non-compete invalid becau... applies to New York  ·  2 answers

Non-compete prevents me from returning to old employer
This letter concerns a "non-to-compete" agreement I signed with my employer. I have been at my current employer, 3 months. When I was hired, they asked that I sign the agreement and I did. Now I am be... applies to New York  ·  2 answers

Hidden Non-solicitation Clause
I was recently terminated from a sales management position and have since accepted a similar position with another company in the same industry. Upon leaving, my former employer brought to my attentio... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Is a two-year non-compete period enforceable regardless of the reason for separation?
I am currently negotiating an employment offer for a senior sales position in the communications technology space. The company has presented me with a non-compete agreement that prevents me from compe... applies to New Jersey  ·  1 answer

Unemployable in a business I 've done for 18 yrs. because of a non compete
Are non compete's legal in the state of Arizona? I have been let go from previous employer and now want to start my own co. I am unemployable for 8 months according to my contract in the pool industry... applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

non compete & pay issues
I worked for a company called XXX for 15 years. I left this company to become employed by another company that sold the same type of services.. In 2002 I returned to my former employer XXX & continued... applies to Indiana  ·  2 answers

non compete?
I am a salon owner. I have spent thousands of dollars promoting stylists. Recently one of them went across the street to work on her own. My fear is that other employees will follow. If I do not a non... applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Contract is Expired but Working at Will - Is Non Compete Still Valid?
We are considering hiring an employee who currently works for a competitor. He had a two year employment contract which was not renewed and he is now employed at will. Would his non-compete still be i... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Non-Compete Opposite of Usual
I do extensive work for my employer with respect to Workers' Compensation and Union issues in a heavily regulated industry. I would like my employee to compensate me in exchange for a non-compete clau... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Validity of Non-Compete
I have a non-compete in place with a national consulting firm. During the course of my employment I was asked to sign an additional non-compete. For doing so I was able to continue employment but not ... applies to Indiana  ·  1 answer

non-compete agreement
I received a job offer from an investment bank. However, a partner mentioned to me that the firm will likely request that I sign a non-compete agreement after I start (perhaps months later). After ini... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Non Compete Clause and noncomplaince
I have researched the non-compete clause and I am aware that NYS disfavors it. How can they still be enforced? I was not compensated for this clause in my contract. In my contract, there was no clause... applies to New York  ·  2 answers

I recently was hired as a independent contractor for a firm in Columbus Ohio, I flew out and signed a two month working agreement. At that meeting they hand me a confidential/ non solicitation/non compete intellectual property agreement.
I Recently Was Hired As A Independent Contractor For A Firm In Columbus Ohio, I Flew Out And Signed A Two Month Working Agreement. At That Meeting They Hand Me A Confidential/ Non Solicitation/Non Com... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Non compete in Ohio under Pa law
I signed a non compete for employment in Ohio which is governed under all aspects by the laws of Pa. in Mid Sept 2009 when I signed a compensation agreement. In November I had to sign a new sales comp... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Will a non compete hold up if my employer has changed my compensation several times since ive signed
I signed a non compete when I was being hired. Within the last 3 years my employer has changed my compensaton package (cutting my pay) several times. I have been in my industry my entire working caree... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Can going to arbitration worsen my position ?
I was in sales and I have a non-compete where my former employer pays me a small percent of what the clients I brought in continue to pay - this is what is at stake. I feel the entire agreement should... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

signed12month consultant non-compete, moved to different position 1 year ago, is non-comp valid?
Upon hire I signed a "Consultant Non-Compete Agreement" for a 12 month period upon termination. I have since moved into a non-consulting position (same company) for over 1 year. Does the consultant no... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

is non compete valid if an H1B is kept illegally unpaid. ?
I am on H1B visa and have a non compete contract with the middle layer company, and also with the company holding my visa. After the contract with the end client was over, my company suddenly stopped ... applies to Massachusetts  ·  1 answer

Legitimate Business Interest?
I work for a consulting business. Before I started working for them, I signed a noncompete saying that I would not open a competing practice within 18 months of leaving them. The reason stated on the ... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

non-compete compliance
My non-compete states that I can not contact anybody who has been a client of my former firm in the last 3 years. I was one of 25 salespeople. Should I ask for a list of all of their clients for the l... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Non complete agreement signed in China
I signed a employment non-complete agreement in China, restricting me to work for a competitor for 6 months. Is the agreement signed in China enforcable in NYC? Thanks Charles applies to New York  ·  2 answers

If I signed a no compete in 99 will it still hold even though I have been treated badly for years?
I signed a no compete in 1999, for years other employees and I have been treated badly. We finally have got the courage to leave. She slanders us to other people and calls us at home and yells at us. ... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

Is an employment contract valid that offers the independent contractor no consideration?
Hi, and thanks in advance, A good friend of mine is a tattoo artist and showed me his contract which included a non-compete clause. The contract stated all the restrictions/conditions of employment fo... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Is this non-compete enforceable?
I signed a non-compete that seems to state I would be compensated an extra $100 beyond my future compensation for signing but I was never paid such money. Could this nullify the contact? Could I be pa... applies to Illinois  ·  2 answers

Can I be held to a noncompete contract If I was laid off?
After being on medical leave (fmla) I was laid off do to not having enough work. But after appling for another job myfromer employer is saying I'm under a noncompete contract for 12 months. Iam gettin... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Question about a Non-Compete and Harassment from former employer
Hi and thanks for any help. I filed this under Contracts, but it kind of combines a non-compete and harassment in one big issue. In 2005 my wife signed (against my advice not to) a non-compete which s... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

commissions owed/non compete valid
i went to work for an insurance agency owned by my brother. i signed a three year non-compete contract that also spelled out my salary,commission and benefits. i left a good job in an unrelated field ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

How long are non compete clauses valid?
I was fired in September 2010 after three months of working in staffing assistant/sales role at an agency here in Columbus. For the first two months I assisted with filling job orders and contacting t... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Can a company require you to sign 2nd non-compete during continuous employment for longer duration?
I signed a non-compete with a duration of 18 months when I was hired 20 years ago. The company has changed names but not owners since then and just recently it was decided that all employees must sign... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Non-compete issue
I signed a non-compete with my employer. (Most employers in my industry require a non-compete before they hire you) I have learned no trade secrets and have no specialized knowledge of the company. My... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Contract
I have been working for a company in Ohio for over 8 years. Recently, they have told all of us we must sign a non-disclosure agreement but it includes not being able to work for customers, suppliers, ... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Operating Agreement Non-compete clause
Greetings, I need HELP! I work for the devil and I need to get out...last week my boss actually fired me for a whole 20 minutes before he asked me to get back to work. I am very tired of the verbal ab... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Is an electronicly knowledgedment of a non-compete agreement included in our company handbook valid?
I used to get the employee handbook once a year electronically. I read it and check the knowledgement. On the handbook, there is a non-compete document included. I never physically signed it but knowl... applies to California  ·  4 answers

non-compete restricting working in an italian restaurant
i was laid off from an italian restaurant company. I signed a non-compete stating that I will not participate in any restaurant in illinois, michigan or wisconsin which serves italian cuisine or any i... applies to Illinois  ·  1 answer

Will Non-Compete be enforceable if the employer not paying the salary during the Non-Compete period
Hello: My non-compete says a few month non-compete period, but did not say whether the employer to pay the salary or not during this period. So will they pay during this non-compete period, if not pai... applies to New York  ·  2 answers

Lay-off and 2 year non-compete agreement
I work for a large chemical company and signed a non-compete clause which forbids me from working for ANY other company in any business in which my current company does business/sells product for 2 ye... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Am I liable for non-compete
I have accepted a position with a direct competitor of my company, however this new company has other clients that I will be working for during the duration of my non-compete agreement. My old company... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

wrongfull termination, descrimination, wage payment.
I was recently terminated for absenteeism/tardiness, this was the company's reason. My wife had major surgery and I needed to have time off to be home with the children. I had vacation time(7 days), s... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

If a former client contacts me for business requests, am I allowed to assist?
I am from a small town in PA. I used to work at a computer repair shop in town and signed a non-compete clause with that shop that stated I would not attempt to steal their clients/customers or use my... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

Is non-compete still enforceable?
I was forced to sign a non-compete to accept employment after I had left my previous job and moved some 150+ miles away. I was let go without cause without receiving any severance as laid out in my no... applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Can my non compete effect a company fully owned and operated by my wife?
I have recently left my company (x) which is in Software consulting. My wife fully owns and operates a software consulting company (y). She had previously done business with Company x. Now company x h... applies to Texas  ·  2 answers

Old non compete agreement
I have a non compete as a sales rep with a company that operates under a new name because of a merger. I signed the agreement for a position I didn't hold when I left and they never had me sign anothe... applies to Maryland  ·  1 answer

moving to CA to defeat a non compete agreement
Does moving to CA while you are currently employed with a non compete agreement in force invalidate it? applies to Texas  ·  1 answer

Would NOT accepting job offer w/Non-compete prevent me from collecting current unemployment benefits
The position I accepted did not include, nor was there any mention of a non-compete agreement until I was ready to fill out the employment papers. The previous employee in this position told me that h... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Countersuit for No-Compete Agreement
My question is fairly simple. I would like to know if it is feasible to countersue an ex-employer who is suing me for a no compete. It is fairly certain that I will win my case as there are many unenf... applies to North Carolina  ·  1 answer

wanting to stay within my non-compete
I currently work for a company which I am under a non-compete. It states I can not work for any competors nor can I solict any business from the company for 2 years or a 50 mile radius starting on the... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Non compete
I signed a non compete 18 years ago as part of a promotion to outside sales. 10 years ago in order to stay with the company I had to take a demotion and give back everything I received as part of the ... applies to Wisconsin  ·  1 answer

non compete question
I am a manicurist with an independant contractor's license in the state of Ohio, and I am about to sign a lease agreement to RENT space in a salon in Ohio. The owner/landlord has put a non compete par... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Requested to Sign Non-Compete Agreement Upon Quitting
My husband's current employer is a licensed C-7 contractor. My husband recently became a licensed C-7 contractor and has given his employer 2 weeks notice that he is quiting to start his own business.... applies to California  ·  2 answers

Does non-compete transfer from current client to acquiring company?
I had a non-compete clause that restricts me from doing business with my former employer's clients. I am now an independent consultant, working for a company that is not a current or former client of ... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

statue of ohio's non-compete clause for prof. employment
I am trying to find either the (specific) place online to look up the Ohio codes or information on non-compete clauses in employment contracts for professionals (veterinarian). I know that 5 states, (... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Business Already Existed On The Side
I work in the construction industry, specifically in concrete. Several months ago, I began to manufacture my own line of decorative concrete tables and vases that I have created on my own time using m... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

non-solicitation enforcement
I signed a non-soliciataion agreement in Jan 1996. I resigned from the company in May 2005 after commisions ad territories were cut. The Non-solicitation agreement came to several sales employees seve... applies to Ohio  ·  2 answers

I didn't sign a non-compete but my co. is considering sueing....
My brother and I work in a very specialzed field and there are not many individuals in our specific profession. We have never signed a non-compete with our current employer. We have decided to form ou... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

non compete
I currently work (in NY) for an IL company that has recently lost its "primary client". All employees of this IL company have been notified that as of year's end, when our employment agreements expire... applies to New York  ·  2 answers

After working for a small computer consulting firm in NY for over 2 years, I signed an employee agreement addendum with broad, new non-compete and non-solicitation clauses. There were no such clauses ... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Didn't sign a non-compete, what now?
I had hired a sales rep but I did not have a non-compete agreement signed. Now he has left my company, with my contacts in his computer. Is there anything I can do or I am completely out of luck in th... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Never signed a contract
I was laid off from a Pa facility due to downsizing.The corporate office decided to consolidate all operations to one facility in New Hampshire.At the time off lay off, the owner told me that I would ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  2 answers

No compete clause in ultrasound
I currently work for a mobile ultrasound company that provides services in the Youngstown, Warren, Akron/Canton areas as well as some of the other surrounding areas. I have been offered a job at anoth... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Liability of new ER in regards to hiring ee with non compete
Does an employer have any liability if they know of a non compete agreement that an applicant has and they hire the applicant anyway. I know it is bad business of course but I am trying to explain wha... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Non Compete after a company leaves a market
My employer has recently sent out a memo stating that they are no longer engaging in business in several markets that we were previously conducting business in. All of the employees have non-compete c... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Is a non compete enforceable if it is sent via email, but never signed or agreed to via email?
I work as a 1099 contractor with a staffing agency and signed a work agreement a couple years ago that renews yearly that had a non-compete that I would not go work directly or indirectly with the cli... applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

Can a no compete agreement extend beyond the employee to immediate family members?
My grandfather is retiring from a company he owns 49% of and is selling his shares to his partner. His partner is trying to impose upon him a no compete agreement that would extend to his immediate fa... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  3 answers

Can a non-compete be enforced if too broad?
I was let go from a FL-only homeowners insurance company. During the exit process, I was told I could not work for a "direct competitor." I just got a copy of the non-compete and it says it is for 1 y... applies to Florida  ·  1 answer

non-compete hair salon agreement
I obtained employment at a local hair salon chain in 2007. When I first began employment, I had to sign an employment contract that included a non-compete clause stating I could not work within 7 air ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Non Compete with No End in Sight
(consultation would have to happen rather quickly, like Monday morning! Job came up very quickly, interviewed quickly, etc). I am a computer profesional that signed a non-compete/confidentiality agree... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

Reembursement of relocation expenses
I have been employed by my company in Ohio for 5 months in a Director level position. This position is not what it was described to me and therefore, I would like to ask to pursue other employment. I ... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Going to work for a client but client will still retain agency, non-compete valid?
I currently am an Account Executive for an Advertising Agency. I have an opportunity to go work for one of my clients directly in-house doing some advertising as well as some business development work... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Has the statute of limitations run out?
I was with Wal-Mart retail for at least 3 years as an overnight Stocker. During that time I became stressed out from the way the manager's ran our crew. I was doing the scheduled task time for a somet... applies to California  ·  1 answer

Non-Compete possible lawsuit
Short Description: ---------------------- My question is, can a non-compete lawsuit be filed against me under the conditions: 1) That, I work for company C without signing any contract. 2) Company ... applies to New York  ·  1 answer

I am an IT professional in Pennsylvania. I signed a non-compete agreement 3 months after i started working at my previous company, XYZ. The agreement says that i cannot work with any of XYZ's clients ... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

employees resigned to work for home health previous worked LTC
I was employed by a Long Term care company, I accepted a position with a Home Health Agency, employees who worked with me at a LTC company resigned and want to work for me at the Home Health Care Comp... applies to Ohio  ·  1 answer

Unreasonable Non-Compete
I have a young friend who works for a Payday Loan company. She told me her location was robbed a gunpoint last week and that she is very fearful of working there now. She said since the company discon... applies to Arizona  ·  1 answer

Non-Compete Agreements for non-sales or executive employees
Question about non-sales or executive non-compete agreements: My position is as a Senior Manager (non-department head and not considered part of the company management team) of Human Resources. The in... applies to Pennsylvania  ·  1 answer

Can I re-write the non-compete, non-solicit contract myself or do I need an attourney to do it?
We bought an established business which uses independent contractors to carry out our services. We want to update the non-compete and need some help on what is legal in California. We don't want it to... applies to California  ·  2 answers

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