I called legal aid and was given a name of a lawyer in hendersonville. It seems there are not many employment related lawyers out here. Well, I met with this lawyer and told him my story about being fired while doing the paperwork. He seems to think I have a case against the LTC that hired me and then let me go after the 3/h. He had me write a complete work history and said that he would read it and decide wether or not he would like to take on this case. I called to see if he got the faxed work history. I have called 3 times asking him to return my call. I have not spoken with him yet. Since meeting with him, I have lost 2 more employment opportunites due to a bad reference. I am going into 9 months of unemployment. I need to know who is giving me the bad ref and what is being said. The lawyer says it doesn't look like I will win any money and I think this is why he is dragging his feet. I don't care about the money, I just want my name cleared. As it stands right now, I will have to move either to the east coast of this state or clear out of it because I have exhausted all employment opportunities here. This is not fair. I have a home and a daughter to support and I can't do that without a job. Why wouldn't I beable to go after the person who is slandering my name? Should I call legal aid again and get another name of a lawyer to help?

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Reagan Weaver

The best advice I can give you is to see if you can hire one of the firms you can find on the net that will check your reference from the suspected slanderer to see whether you are correct. If it turns out you are correct, you would certainly have a much better basis to demand that they stop--assuming of course, that they are in fact slandering you. Unfortunately, I have seen a case or two that rejected a claim based on a reference that the plaintiff obtained like I have suggested because it wasn't a "real" reference. So, you might not want to sue the employer over what you find out, but you might succeed in getting them to change what they say. The problem here is that you will have to spend some money to do these things.

This may seem crude to say, but if your lawyer doesn't see a pot of money to go after, how do you expect him to make any money? Ideally, lawyers would help people without worrying about money, but I'm sure you can understand that doesn't pay the bills associated with running a law practice.

Good luck!

posted by Reagan Weaver  |  Jul 31, 2004 4:46 PM [EST]

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