non complete valid??

I currently sold my salon business to an individ. and we had an attorney complete the transaction however, the buyer did not want to pay an attorney for a non compete so she requested me to sign a document stating i promise not to work or open a salon within 20 miles of her salon for three years. i signed and dated it and it was notorized, but the other party did not sign. a year later i had been working for her salon as a stylist and there were some issues so i quit. now i want to work at the salon within the area about 10miles, am i obligated to the non compete?

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David Goldman
The fact that the other party did not sign the agreement would not make the agreement invalid. Generally there needs to be a legitimate business interest for a Florida non-compete to be valid. You should sit down with a Florida Non-compete lawyer to review the agreement along with what you are doing at the new salon. Courts are generally more inclined to enforce an agreement signed in conjunction with the sale of a business.

posted by David Goldman  |  Jul 25, 2009 12:09 AM [EST]

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